Help us to win – vote for! has been chosen from over 300 start-ups and founders from 14 countries to compete for a big media prize – and we need your help to win!

We are one of just seven finalists to present live to the Seven Ventures Pitch Day (7VPD) judging panel, part of the NOAH London internet conference in London, 6-7 November 2012.

Vote for!


So if you love, please vote for us! There are seven judges – and the seventh judge is you!

All you have to do is vote online for before 7 November 2012 by visiting the 7VPD website

Thank you for being part of and making us the world’s largest social network for learning languages online!


5 thoughts on “Help us to win – vote for!

  1. carmelina palacios.

    Recomiendo el programa de, porque es muy fácil, bonito , interesante y novedoso.
    Me encanta cada dia tener acceso a el.
    Sigan igual, buena suerte.

  2. Iver-Hedake

    I, and lots of my Busuu friends would have loved to vote. However, the email we all received did not show anywhere that we could have voted.

  3. Fatimra Rivera es lo máximo…. y debe de ganar, porque nos ayuda aprender distintos idiomas que existen en el mundo. Yo le doy como ganador.

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