The new busuutalk is here!

We have re-launched busuutalk – and it’s now better than ever before!

Following your suggestions and feedback, we are happy to announce that has launched a brand new version of busuutalk. Our new busuutalk  not only looks nicer, but it is also packed with loads of new features and functionalities.

New busuutalk

  Here are the key improvements:

  1. An “Away” status, so your friends can still send you busuutalk requests when you have to pop away from your computer for a little while.
  2. Additional unit vocab and phrases, adapted to your level (A1 & A2) will help you to better engage in conversations by introducing you to new words and sentences, and helping you to use them in context.
  3. A list of useful phrases displayed in the busuutalk chat window will give you ideas for new words and sentences and guide you on how to use them.
  4. The busuu dictionary will help you find vocabulary you have seen in the busuu learning units and give you their translation, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t remember something.
  5. Special character keyboards for all 12 languages and a whole range of cool emoticons that will make your conversations even more fun!
  6. New improved sound and video quality
  7. … and that’s not all! You can also now save your conversation, print it out and review the vocabulary at the end of your chat.

As usual, you can choose to start busuutalk  from either your home page or from within a unit. Once you have selected a chat partner, a pop-up window will appear and you will be connected. Within the chat window, you can take advantage of all new functions and start improving your language skills with our community of native speakers. Our Premium MembersPremium Member can enjoy busuutalk and all of its new features absolutely free! Not a Premium MemberPremium Member yet? Don’t worry, you can still use busuutalk for just 10 busuu-berries per conversation, or upgrade now!

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  1. frank

    hola, como están. I am from Perú

    • Leo

      hi! how’s it going? I am from Brazil

  2. jymigon

    Hola: reciban un saludo especial desde Colombia para todos los busuutalk.
    Estoy aprendiendo frances, me parece interesante, sólo que no tengo como escuchar loa traducción cuando se requiere para entender tema..

  3. Miriam

    Hola me llamo Miriam soy española

  4. Miriam

    U would like to speak English

  5. Natalia

    Thank you so much! I will try your impovements!

  6. Rafiq

    I am very glad to meet to you!

  7. laura


  8. Принц Ходжентский

    Новинка это очень хорошо если есть возможность конечно побольше бесплатного было бы еще лучше

  9. laura

    SALUDOS, @laurettemilan

  10. karim

    je me prénomme karim and i want to learn and practis english with someone

  11. Rajab

    that’s very good idea

  12. marcia levy

    Oi, boa tarde, eu sou Marcia, do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  13. successful

    happy to be with u 🙂

  14. successful

    happy to be with u 🙂
    i look like learning all wworld languages
    since its essential to do that

  15. successful

    heloo iam from Morocco

  16. nyzbr

    merhabalar, zaten benim busuu talk problemli ve çözümü konusunda yardıncı olmuyorsunuz, bir yıllık preminium üyesiyimi ama kullanamıyorum
    kullanıcı adı

  17. iraci

    O novo é uma caracteristica do busuu

  18. aminata mara

    i would use busuutalk

  19. Catarina Barros Ferreira

    Gostaria de fazer o curso de espanhol com os Sres. mas estou achando difícil de acompanhar, pois não sou um expert em informática, e o curso é gratis? se naõ for mr informe o valor gracias Catarina

  20. Lia

    I like very much english language. I’d like to speak with a woman or an English man trying to learn it. I’m Lia and I was born in North Italy in 1958, but I feel me like a girl (not always??!!!…Ohh…..)
    I like reading, going to the cinema, listening music. I prefer Tina Turner, Michaekl Jackson, Barbara Streisand…….but there are many good Italian singers like Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini, Emma, Massimo Ranieri, Cristicchi and many many others, the composer Giovanni Allevi, the ballet-dancer Roberto Bolle……etc etc….
    I hope that someone wants to write me and correct my mistakes.
    Thank you very much. Lia

  21. Rebeca

    Suena interesante, pero hay que probarlo primero

  22. ILYES

    WELL , i seee that it’s new improvmence for this cite , but to say true ,I don’t think it’s a good Idea , when me and my friends come to , the first thing we like is the possibilty to talk with new people from diffrent countries and me made alor of friends there without forgeting the new languages that we could learn , but now it’s a little bit hard to use Busuu talk , and maybe you can see that people are using this site less or maybe they stop using it, any way this is just my view , i with the best for the site , thanks for | the language learning community

  23. ana lopez

    Me encanta la idea, facilitara nuestra practica y al avez conoceremos personas de todo el mundo..:)

  24. petronia

    eu quero aprender italiano fluenti

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  28. Elham

    I’m Iranian I like reading, going to the cinema, listening music. I prefer Tina Turner, Michaekl Jackson, Barbara Streisand…….but there are many good Italian singers like Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini, Emma, Massimo Ranieri, Cristicchi and many many others, the composer Giovanni Allevi, the ballet-dancer Roberto Bolle……etc etc….

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  31. Monte

    And when I change a PC ,still have the problems. This fault only show this week till now .

  32. Monte

    I have some problems about busuu talk . Recently when I open the chat site’s input toolbar can’t useful .when the mouse pointer on it ,no response.

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Monte,

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties on our website. Please send an email to and our customer support team will be happy to help.


  33. Jared

    Please bring the old Busuutalk back or fix the new chat!! Between 2010 and 2012 I was able to learn German using Busuu. Honestly, I could NOT do it again with the new Busuutalk. The old Busuutalk allowed me to connect with and talk to German speaking people. In 2012 the chat changed and my ability to practice was IMMENSELY hindered. Here’s why:

    ~In the old Busuutalk, you could open many chat windows. In the new one, you cannot.
    ~The old Busuutalk was MUCH more reliable. I hear constant reports that the new Busuutalk doesn’t work at all!
    ~In the old Busuutalk, you could hear when a response was made. In the new one, it’s silent and people minimize the window forget that they are chatting!
    ~In the old Busuutalk, the chat stayed open after the person you chat with leaves. In the new one, the window closes itself and the whole conversation is deleted!
    ~In the old Busuutalk, people were notified of a chat every time I write them something in the chat window. In the new chat, I’m not allowed to even write unless the other person accepts the chat. This discourages people from accepting the chat and makes it hard to find them if they accidentally leave the chat.

    Please bring the old Busuutalk back or fix the problems I mentioned above. Your service is much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Jared,

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with the busuutalk.
      Please send an email to our customer support at Our colleagues will be happy to help.

      Ciao for now,

  34. Shakes

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m impressed!
    Very useful info specially the last section 🙂 I deal with such information a lot.
    I was seeking this certain information for a very long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Shakes,

      We are glad you found this post useful and we hope you enjoy learning with busuu.

      Ciao for now,

  35. bryan

    where is busuutalk? dont show it!

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello bryan,

      Thank you for your question. You will see the busuutalk when you hover the mouse over your leaderboard friends or by going to the tab friends and if they are online you will be able to do the busuutalk.

      We hope this information helps any other questions you may have please send an email to and our colleagues will be happy to help.

      Thank you,

  36. Ken

    Classic case of if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. It will be great once you fix it. But right now, half the time when I correct other peoples writing exercises the correction disappears. I have yet to get through one speaking exercise without it not recording some part of it or freezing. Worst part now I can’t get through the exercises and do the tests at the end of each section. Please bring the original back until you get the bugs out of the new system.

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Ken,

      Thank you for your comment. Our tech team has already fixed the recording exercises if you are still experiencing difficulties please send an email to our support team at

      Thank you,

  37. Yasser

    i have a question about Busuutalk :
    is it necessary only to talk with our friends ? what about other people ? access to them is just impossible !
    With the new version busuu becomes annoying ! :/
    i hope u will find a solution

    • Mario

      Hi Yasser,
      You can, indeed, chat with other users. To be able to do that, use the search feature we have when you click the “requests” button on top of the page and choose the option “Search for busuu users”.

      Ciao for now,

  38. Rodolfo

    Hey Busuu, I’d just like to say that I’m not 100% into the new busuutalk system, I mean, before, by the end of a lesson you could get a chance to talk to any native speaker available at that moment and not just one of your friends because it happens many times that none of them is available and the friend search engine doesn’t help much either. I hope you could bring back the old busuutalk system, because I do miss talking to new and different native speaker at the end of a lesson.
    Besides that, I just wanna say that you’ve helped me so much at learning italian, thnx! Have a great day!

    • Mario

      Hi Rodolfo,
      We appreciate your feedback and we will look into it. Our product is evolving every day so we try our best to give you all the features you want and the busuutalk is important for sure.

      That is a great! Hope you can continue to keep learning with us 🙂

  39. mahsa

    hello, i have a problem. whenever some one send me chat request , i accept, the window is open but i dont see any message or word from that person.could u please help me?

    • - busuu Laura

      Hi Mahsa,
      Could you please send an email to and our team will help you!
      Sorry for any inconvenience!

  40. Jury

    hello! this is awesome!

  41. OLMOS

    Hello everybody! I would like to speak English.

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      Hey, use and you will achieve amazing results!:)

  42. olmos

    Hello everybody and I new student there so I would like to speak English. Can you help me?

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      Hey, busuu is always there to help you. We wish you good luck!

  43. Jhon

    Hi, wanted to tell you that I enjoy learning here, but right to the issue, I really enjoyed using busuutalk too and now it’s not available. Made a big difference from other websites to be able to talk to new native people and learn from them everytime I opened busuu, so it was a great tool and I’d really like to see it around here again like it was before, if you don’t mind, can you bring it back? Besides that, good job in the website!

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      hey, thank you so much for the comment. Our new social features are going to be available soon, please, try them

      • Jhon

        Oh thanx to you, that’d be so nice 😀 when will these features be available?

        • Maria Kristalinskaya

          We’re planning to launch them this year! Stay tuned

  44. Anonymous

    Hi, I’ m Suzan. I’m from Saudi Arabia. Thank you on confer me chance to learn English language. And also thank native speakers on help me.

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      Thank you, Suzan! Good luck on learning English