11 languages in one! busuu’s completely redesigned app is here


It’s the biggest makeover we’ve ever done on our app, and it’s finally here.


A beautiful new interface

Our vibrant but clear new look makes it easier to find what you want to learn, to check your progress, and to continue where you left off, whilst the lightning quick interface helps you go through your courses faster than ever before. Add to this the fact we have made your exercises more fun to do, this leads to an altogether more motivational language learning experience. And more motivation means finally mastering your favourite languages!

Interact more with other users

We’ve also made it easier to get instant access to your busuu Community. We’ve put ‘My Corrections’ in a handy side menu so it’s readily available for you to check what native speakers think of your work, or help others and make friends!

11 languages in one app!

What’s more, we’ve packed all our mobile courses into one app without compromising on usability. Never before have you been able to learn so many languages in such a fun and easy way.

You’ve got to try it to believe it

Download now for free on iOS from the App Store or Android on Google Play.


  1. Péssimo App, transição entre telas é lenta demais, as letras são muito finas e fracas e as unidades devem ser baixadas uma a uma, tornando o app extremamente cansativo. Para piorar, os apps da versão anterior não sincronizam mais com o site. Péssimo, péssimo, péssimo.

    • Olá Andrea,

      Agradecemos a sua sincera opinião e nossa equipe está trabalhando para melhorar o nosso produto.



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