University Study proves that using busuu for only 16 hours will significantly improve your language skills


We at busuu are obsessed with the efficiency of our product and we recently conducted a university study together with a research team from City University of New York & the University of South Carolina to measure the learning outcomes of our product.

The independent research team followed a group of 144 busuu students who studied Spanish using only our platform over a period of 2 months. The participants had full access to our Premium Membership, including voice recordings, grammar units, pdfs, vocab trainer etc. The students had to take a standardized written and oral entry test at the beginning of the study as well as an exit test so the researchers could measure the average learning improvements over the 2 months.  

The results have been amazing as busuu came out as the most efficient language learning tool ever studied so far!

  • 84% of participants who sat the written test improved their result. 
  • 75% of participants who sat the oral test improved their result by one level or more.
  • Of those who studied for 16 hours or more on busuu, 100% made a significant improvement to either their written test result, oral test result or both.
  • busuu users only need to study an average of 22.5 hours over two months to cover the requirements for one college semester of Spanish.
  • 100% of those who answered the exit survey said that they would continue to use busuu after the study ended.

The research team, led by Roumen Vesselinov, PhD, from City University New York who has conducted similar studies with other apps mentioned: “Among all the language learning apps studied so far, the efficacy of busuu is the best.”



We are very encouraged by these results as they prove that our students are able to substantially improve their language skills by studying with busuu.

We’re constantly releasing updates to our course, and we’ve got some great product improvements just around the corner, all of which are pushing the efficiency of the platform even higher – so stay tuned! 🙂 

Kirsten is the Head of Education at Busuu. She is from the Scottish highlands, where she grew up. She studied philosophy at university in Edinburgh and then got a TEFL certificate and went to China to teach English. She has been learning languages online and creating digital learning courses around the world for 17 years and is about to start studying for an MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at Oxford University. Outside of work, she is a yoga enthusiast and a keen gardener. She also loves spending time with her two border terriers!


  1. Hi Kirsten, Head of Education at busuu.

    I’m excited to know some news with you. This is good information. the busuu is the most effective language learning product . thanks. I need to practice my Enghish. I am interested in the study. Thanks for all your help. See you later.

  2. I can say that Busuu is an amazing platform to study languages. My native language is Portuguese and I decided to learn English with Busuu. I have studied on Busuu for few months and now I am feel confident to talk with English speakers. I know that I need to study more to be fluent, but I have improved everyday. My level in English is Intermadiate B1. I would like to say: Thanks Busuu!

  3. Busuu is certainly interesting as a starter app but insufficient for thorough learning. Measuring on a period of 2 months is clearly targeted to show this. Plus busuu should be compared to specific language courses such as yoyochinese or crampe in chinese. Then I am sure the results would be different. Busuu helped me to start but should better build on spaced repetition and more thorough understanding of phrase structures to be a real language learning tool.

  4. I studied on many plataforms of English courses, but I liked a lot of bussu, but I found some things in others plataforms that I didn’t find here.
    Sorry my mistakes but I’m a student of English yet.

    • Hi Fabio,
      First of all, we wish you the best with your English language studies, you’re already on the right track (testing yourself through practice). There are certainly more and more features that we are building to make busuu even more effective (example slow audio to improve pronunciation and offline mode among other features). Let us know what other features you think would improve your language learning experience at
      busuu team

  5. I’m very happy to learn english with busuu the English language help me to do my job and busuu is the best university to learn the english thanks for the team of busuu

  6. I have been improving the English and also learning French, because everyone help to correct the exercises like me likewise who learns Spanish.. it is a good website and app of languages and practice with other too.

    • In the short-term, Farsi is not planned as a user language. Thank you for putting forward your request because we share these with our education team and this helps us with more long-term planning. Your English seems intermediate or stronger based on your writing, perhaps try the English user language for English or other language learning? Let us know how it goes at
      All the best, busuu team

  7. hi All Busuu English Language On Line And International Unversity I Would Like To Thanks For Coment And Knowelage And Gide Me;suggestion.
    Sincerly Abebe From Addis Abeba


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