busuu wins EdTech Europe award!


EdTech Europe awards, e-Learning

We have won

busuu came top of the EdTech 20 ranking of Europe’s premier e-Learning focused conference platform, EdTech Europe.

EdTech 20 includes e-Learning companies who have illustrated the most significant innovation and growth over the last year and whose businesses are primarily based within Europe. Rankings are determined by a global panel of industry-leading judges including representatives from TSL, Pearson and Emerge Education.

We are thrilled to have won this award and want to thank all of our global community of language learners for their continued support to busuu.


  1. hello busuu i just wanted to say thank you iv learned so much over the years now i can speak to friends online in games and iam starting to understand people better but due to this new update on the website i have to leave now and continue my study’s from the app because the lessons are all jumbled up now with intermediate B2 and other lessons thrown in beginner A2 or A1 levels and they all seemed to have moved in different places which is a problem if you’ve completed A1 and A2 already but the biggest problem now i was currently studying the lesson At the dentist which used to be in B1.2 which is in A2.2 now when i opened this lesson before this lesson had 26 words and key phases now it only has 17 words lessons have been edited now and have less vocabulary also iam receiving tons of emails way more sent to me to correct peoples works they are coming in every minute i wanted some information do i wait for my premium to finish or cancel it just before its renewed

    • Hello Intense studies,

      We really appreciate your feedback. Our new content has easier to finish digestible learning units and activities, for that reason you have noticed that there is slightly less vocabulary. Our team is already working on some improvements to the new website so you should see some changes soon.
      In regards to the emails you receive you can manage them in your notification settings at http://www.busuu.com/settings/notifications. If you would like to cancel your Premium Membership you can do it so at http://www.busuu.com/mysubscription.
      Any other feedback you would like to give please send an email to team@busuu.com

      Thank you,


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