A Big Thank You from Cameroon


As you can see from the images, there’s a brand new classroom at the CAPEC school in Cameroon. And we’re very proud to say it was the busuu community that made it possible. Last December, every busuu-berry earned increased the amount that we donated to the charity. And we did a great job in raising the maximum amount possible, allowing us to donate enough for a whole classroom at the school.

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Nkolfoulou Village School

The school is located in Central Cameroon, in a remote farming village called Nkolfoulou, and provides education to children from families who are unable to afford to send their kids to schools further away from the family home. The kids love the school and get a huge amount of benefit from the education that the teachers provide there. It’s fantastic that this extra classroom will provide space and materials for an extra 40 children to attend the school each day.

A message from the school

The teachers and organisers of CAPEC, the charity that run the school, wanted us to thank all the people who contributed to the project and say how pleased they were with the new classroom. They stressed again how important it is for these young people to have an education that will help keep them safe and happy during their childhood.

So thanks again to all busuu users for your effort. You can pat yourselves on the back!


  1. As a retired teacher I am fully aware of the importance of education as a gateway to full citizenship.
    Allowing people to think by themselves, taking their fate in their own hands, what better way is there to build a more humane society?

  2. From another retired teacher it is gratifying to hear that through busuu we have managed to help build a classroom in Cameroon.

  3. I am an Italian teacher of English and I am really happy to know that some pupils far less lucky than mine can have classroom and proper tools to improve their life and future


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