busuu has a new look!


We have redesigned our homepage and it’s now even easier to use!

The new busuu.com home page has a fresh and colourful design and is more fun to use! What’s more, you’ll be able to check your language progress at a glace.

Here are the key improvements:

  1. Everything has been integrated into one page, allowing you to have an overview of your progress.
  2. A new navigation bar has been added to give you a better user experience.
  3. The profile menu is now at the top right corner so you can more easily edit your profile and settings.
  4. A better overview of the special courses allows you to access relevant supplementary content specific to the language you are learning. The Special Courses tab is displayed below your language garden.
  5. Each course level is divided into 2 parts for shorter and more achievable goals.
  6. A correction meter has been added to help you see how active and helpful you are to the community
  7. … and a To-do list will guide you through your learning experience with busuu.com

You can start using our brand new home page now!

All our users can take advantage of our new home page for free, but if you become Premium you will learn even faster and you will be able to study up to 4 languages at the same time.




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