Learning from home: The Busuu Quiz Bot skill launches on Alexa

November 10, 2023

Think you’re a Busuu hotshot? Try our new Quiz Bot!

You already know that fitting in 10 minutes a day of practice on Busuu is enough to help you learn a language… well, we’ve just made it a whole lot easier. Enter Alexa. We’ve developed Spanish, French and German quizzes you can activate on your Amazon Echo devices. Neat.

What does that mean?

If you’re a Busuu Premium member, you’ve already mastered on-the-go learning but how about trying it hands-free at home?

Learning with Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa means you can access Busuu through voice activation. Just say “Alexa, launch Busuu Quiz Bot” and you’re ready to go. The quizzes include over 1000 questions and test your vocab, translation and true/false knowledge.

Try the Cooking Challenge

The challenge: practise your chosen language as you cook up a quesadilla, sip on a crisp Kölsch and round it off with crème brûlée. You can do it!

Learning this way is a great way to challenge your brain to multitasking and will help integrate your chosen language into your daily life. Each quiz is a new iteration, which helps you to continuously build up your vocab.

We throw questions at you as you bat back the answers. The quick-fire style means you’re always on your toes. Plus, you could also learn while exercising, cleaning, or even just pottering about the house. Share your Quiz Bot stories with us on Twitter @busuu and get one step closer to becoming a language ninja.

Our CEO and Co-founder, Bernhard Niesner, put it pretty darn well: “We believe that when you fit language learning into your daily routine you improve faster.”

Like a language ninja.

Anything else?

Why, yes! As we develop the Quiz Bot, you’ll be able to integrate the quizzes with your Busuu account and programme weak words and other preferences. So keep an eye out for updates.

Find the Busuu Quiz Bot in the Alexa Skills Store on your phone or just say “Alexa, launch Busuu Quiz Bot”.

If you still don’t have an Alexa device you can get it here.

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