App learning vs traditional face-to-face learning

November 10, 2023

Getting the balance between your different learning techniques can be a tricky tightrope to walk. On the one hand, you want to get out there and try out new phrases as quickly as possible. On the other, you want to make sure your grammar and vocabulary are spot on.

In fact, busuu did some research and found out that completing 22 hours of busuu Premium is equivalent to 1 college semester of language learning. So, let’s take a little look at how app learning can boost your brain…

Connect to the world

With an app you’re connected to the world. That’s why our community of over 70 million native speakers is busuu’s fast track to conversational fluency. Each lesson in our courses contains our unique “Conversations” exercises, allowing you to practise everyday spoken and written conversations and get corrected by the best type of teachers – those on the ground and in the know.

You take charge

One reason app learning is so motivating is because you’re taking charge of your own education. You can plan your learning around that sought after work/life balance. Instead of evening classes, you can sneak in some lunch break learning. This flexibility can be appealing to those who feel like they can’t fit a course into their already jam-packed schedules.

With busuu, you can take all the time you need to perfect your vocabulary and grammar, and when you feel ready, you can practise speaking or writing with our community of 70 million native speakers.

Online vs real life

We know an app can’t replace the very real benefits of immersing yourself in a culture but it does provide a handy resource once you’re away. Being on hand (or in pocket) provides comforting reassurance that you can keep brushing up on your phrases and grammar – and then go put them into practice on your trips.

Complementary learning

Apps can also be used in conjunction with other ways of learning. If you’re enrolled in college or a language class, using an app in your down time can keep the grey matter ticking over. The best way is to pick exercises that are closely related to a topic you’ve just learnt. This will reinforce your learning and help move you onto new topics.

Always developing

Apps, by their very nature, are updated. Whether we’re fixing bugs, adding courses or creating new features, you can be confident that busuu are always thinking about how to improve your language learning experience. Which means you’re getting up-to-date language learning from a team of dedicated professionals. We’re obsessed with efficiency and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your experience.

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