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Do you learn the local language when you go abroad? 


The new busuu content

We worked very hard and improved our content to make your learning experience even more efficient. The two most common types of feedback we received from many of you were: 1 –  you want to learn a new language quickly and 2 – you want to keep motivated throughout your language-learning studies The improvements we


Your feedback makes a difference!

We are extremely pleased to see how many dedicated language learners busuu has. Thank you all for your honest and helpful feedback. Your opinion matters to us. Following up on busuu’s new design, we keep thriving to get better and better and provide you with the best language-learning experience. Due to popular demand This is


A football competition you can win!

Whether you’re still in it (well done) out of it (sorry) or never even quite made it (there’s always next time), watching the world come together for the football is just indescribable. That feeling of getting your best friends and your family together and getting thrilled for 90 minutes, right now we’re thinking – what else


Five of the most football mad people!

We’ve been through your wigs, your rainbow coloured faces, your headstands and straddle jumps (who would have thought we were talking about football?!), so thank you for all the laughs. You made it very hard for us, but we’ve picked our top five football fans. Drumroll please…. You lucky football photo competition winners: Tarik Elamari, Hajer


And the winner is…

Are you missing all the action and excitement of the football tournament in Brazil? We can’t believe it’s finished already, we were really getting into the buzz and celebrations here in the busuu office – we were even quite enjoying the friendly rivalry! But it’s not quite the end.. We wanted to say a big


You don’t have to be Messi to win this!

The 2nd best football competition (we think) If you’re no Argentinian football god or all-powerful French striker, there’s a football competition you can win (probably the second best one at the moment) – ours! And our equivalent of a big gold cup…a 12-month Premium Membership that’ll have you learning a new language faster than Arjen Robben.


It’s your last chance to win an iPhone 5s

There’s still time to complete the Football Masterclass and be in with a chance of winning a gorgeous iPhone 5s – plus 12 months’ Premium Membership – but you’d better be quick! The competition ends at 3pm BST on July 13th – the same day as the football final in Brazil – so log in


Share your best football moments to win!

Whether you’re still in it (well done) out of it (sorry) or never even quite made it (there’s always next time), watching the world come together for the football is just indescribable. That feeling of getting your best friends and your family together and getting thrilled for 90 minutes, right now we’re thinking – what else


There’s still time to win an iPhone 5s

The round of 16 of the football tournament it’s almost over. Are you one of the lucky ones who’s still in Brazil watching it? Or are you at home, like us, watching it round the TV with friends? Or maybe you’re watching the games at the pub with other footie fans? How’s your team doing? It’s your


busuu wins EdTech Europe award!

  We have won busuu came top of the EdTech 20 ranking of Europe’s premier e-Learning focused conference platform, EdTech Europe. EdTech 20 includes e-Learning companies who have illustrated the most significant innovation and growth over the last year and whose businesses are primarily based within Europe. Rankings are determined by a global panel of industry-leading


Share your best football moments to win!

Starting today and running until July 16th – to coincide with the football tournament in Brazil – we’re running a photo competition on Facebook. We want to see how you share good moments and enjoy the matches. Fußball or futebol? Fútbol or Futbol? It’s all football! We want to see how you support your team when


WIN an iPhone 5s with our Football Masterclass!

There are only 15 days left until the 2014 Football Tournament kicks off in Brazil and thousands of people will be travelling there to watch it. Language learning is so important when you travel abroad, you always need a few basic phrases like, “Where is the toilet?”, “How can I get to…?”, and you can’t


Celebrate 6 years of busuu!

It’s busuu’s 6th birthday! To celebrate 6 years of busuu, we are giving away a free Premium Membership to everyone who buys a Premium Membership before the 21st of May to share with a friend! Make the most of this amazing opportunity and share a language-learning gift with your family and friends. Make the most


A language pays off

It’s International Workers’ Day (or Labour Day) and many countries across the world are having a well deserved day off. At the turn of the 20th century, people fought for their right to an eight hour working day, leading to the May Day Riots in the US (1894). We can thank them for changing attitudes


Why reading is a must for language learning

This is a week of celebration, for the lives of so many incredible authors, who strangely, were born and died on this day. It was Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary this week. This week it’s also exactly 450 years since he died. It’s the day when Spain’s most famous author Cervantes died. Iceland’s Nobel Winning author Laxness and


Easter treats and discounts for you!

Why the Easter chicken doesn’t exist and other Easter treats… Don’t worry we’re not about to tell you the Easter bunny isn’t coming this year. To help us with our cultural and language learning, we’ve been eating chocolate eggs and reading about Easter (a lot) and now we’ve got questions … So why is the


busuu partners with Pearson English

Here at busuu we are very happy to announce an exciting partnership with learning giant Pearson, allowing us to provide all our members with an even better learning experience. The deal means access to a new, affordable online test to measure English level at different stages of the learning journey. Available Summer 2014 The test


A Big Thank You from Cameroon

As you can see from the images, there’s a brand new classroom at the CAPEC school in Cameroon. And we’re very proud to say it was the busuu community that made it possible. Last December, every busuu-berry earned increased the amount that we donated to the charity. And we did a great job in raising


Weather idioms

What’s the weather like where you are? Us humans seem to be obsessed with the weather! It’s a common way to start a conversation, a familiar thing to complain about when it’s bad and one of our favourite things to celebrate when it’s going our way. In this post, as we move into a new


Crazy carnival winning photos

Drum roll please…the five carnival competition winners Thank you to everyone around the world who entered the carnival competition. We were overwhelmed by so many entries from so many countries – Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, England and more. After seeing your weird, wild and wonderful photos, we picked ourselves up off the floor (sometimes


Children learning languages

Here at the busuu office we recently celebrated the arrival of another busuu baby; with another member of our team becoming a proud parent! So naturally there has been a lot of discussion about how children learn languages and how we can help them become fluent language speakers. Make it fun Adults tend to think


Get your carnival photos in & win!

Last chance to get carnival crazy and win! You’ve really shown us how your country and culture carnivals. You’ve made us laugh, choke on our tea, even hide behind our desks with all your crazy carnival photos! If you haven’t shown us what you’ve got yet, there’s still one week left to share your photos


Meet the team: Jonathan

We are back! In our last ‘Meet the team’ blog post we introduced you to the smiley Maria. This time we introduce you to Jonathan, most commonly called Jo by all of us here at the busuu office. Jo is a Product Manager for English and is extremely interested in how people learn languages, and


Be inspired to learn by these multilingual women

International Women’s Day (8 March 2014) recognises the achievements of women worldwide. To celebrate, we want to highlight a few benefits of learning a language, supported by examples of female polyglots to inspire you! Reach more people, help create change Speaking other languages means you can communicate with more people. You could help raise awareness


Watch foreign films to boost your language skills

The red carpet has already been rolled out this year for film festivals including the Golden Globes, the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. But have you ever thought about watching the foreign-language entries? Movies, TV shows and web series like busuu’s ‘London Central’ are useful for helping you improve your language skills.


It’s carnival time! Celebrate and share a photo with busuu

At this time of year something out of the ordinary happens around the world…there’s mayhem and madness, people do weird and wonderful things, bring out their best costumes…and come together to celebrate carnival! Win with our carnival photo competition… Tell us how you do it, and to celebrate world festivals happening everywhere, you could win


Let’s celebrate all languages

Language is such an important part of life. It shapes our interaction, our relationships and even the thoughts and feelings that we have as people. Different languages shape us in different ways, so imagine how boring the world would be without linguistic diversity. International Mother Language Day On 21 February 1952 a group of students


Cross-language relationships – plus special offer!

Intercultural relationships are on the rise, so what better day than Valentine’s Day to celebrate them here at busuu? They can be an enriching – and very funny – experience, so we asked busuu users about the benefits of learning their partner’s language. We also have a special Valentine’s Day 2-for-1 offer, available for 24


Cameroon Project Update

We just got some really exciting news from the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child and wanted to share it with you all. In December, all the berries you earned on busuu contributed to us donating money to build a classroom in Central Cameroon, and now we have pictures of the


It's the busuu Month of Love, baby!

Throughout February, we’re celebrating a Month of Love to share the warm, fuzzy feeling that has taken over the busuu team! Follow us on Facebook and Google+ for lots of fun and interesting love-related language posts. Words to woo in many languages Whether you’re in love, looking for romance in a new country or happily single and just want


Take a look at what you did!

We’re at the end of busuu Go, our month of motivation. So here’s a handy summary of all the tips from our busuu Go blog posts – follow these to see your language skills improve in 2014! Love your learning Be positive: believe in yourself, take control of your learning and aim high! Set yourself


Learn a language for lots of benefits!

With busuu Go, we want to make you feel motivated and excited about language learning! In this post, we would like to remind you of all the benefits of learning a language. More than one skill for life Learning a new language is a skill that you’ll never lose (as long as you keep practising). But


busuu leading the way

Here at busuu we’re all incredibly proud to have reached the short-list for the EdTech Innovator Award 2014. The award was set up by Edmix to reward the world’s hottest education tech start-ups and highlight innovation in the education sector. The final six companies will all meet at the BETT education fair in London this


Meet the team: Maria

It’s that time again, where we tell you a bit about the people that make up busuu HQ. In our last ‘Meet the team’ blog post we introduced you to the lovely Jennifer, our Head of Talent. Today we introduce you to Maria, our happy, smiley Junior Product Manager. Maria describes herself as an ice-skating fanatic,


You Deserve a Reward!

One of the best ways to keep your motivation levels high is to reward the hard work and effort that you’re putting into your learning. In this post we’ll give you some ideas about how you can use goals, rewards and incentives to keep you learning more throughout 2014. Watch your garden grow Here at


Make the most of your feedback

One of the best things about busuu is the contact you can have with other users from around the world. In this post we give you some advice that will help you benefit from their feedback and keep you fully motivated into 2014. Busuu feedback Every time you do a writing or recording exercise on


11 languages in one! busuu’s completely redesigned app is here

It’s the biggest makeover we’ve ever done on our app, and it’s finally here. A beautiful new interface Our vibrant but clear new look makes it easier to find what you want to learn, to check your progress, and to continue where you left off, whilst the lightning quick interface helps you go through your


Love your learning with busuu Go

To kick off our month of motivation with busuu, we’re talking about ways to improve your love of language learning and keep yourself motivated throughout 2014. In this post we’ll be talking about ways to increase intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within us, as well as some simple things you can do that


2013: A great year for busuu and you!

At busuu, we’re a bit like Santa’s elves: we work hard all year round to bring you new language-learning tools and features that help you learn faster and enjoy a better learning experience. In fact, it’s like Christmas every day! This year, we’ve been especially busy coming up with exciting, fun ideas for the global


Introducing busuu Go – our month of motivation!

The start of a new year is a great time for new beginnings! As we look forward to 2014 we may be excited about learning a new language, or getting back to a language that we used to study, or maybe just taking our language learning to the next level.  So we introduce to you


Thank you for helping education in Cameroon!

A huge thank you to all of you who helped us reach our target of 50 million busuu-berries in the Learn2Help campaign this month. Thanks to all your hard work, busuu will provide the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) with enough money to build a classroom at their school


Santa in a helicopter – Part 1

A holiday roundup of funny and bizarre traditions from around the world from busuu, the largest online language learning community. The British happily wear paper crowns to adorn themselves for the Christmas meal, the Spaniards hope to win millions in the Christmas lottery and, in Brazil, Santa Claus flies around in a helicopter. Busuu, the


Santa in a helicopter – Part 2

The busuu holiday roundup of funny and bizarre traditions from around the world continues. Busuu, the 35 million-strong online community for language learning has collected some quirky traditions from 12 countries whose languages are taught on our website. In part 1 we covered English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese. Now we’ll look at Russian, Polish, Turkish,


How is your busuu-berry fundraising going?

9 days left to collect busuu-berries! Remember that for all busuu-berries earned by busuu users from 1-20 December 2013, busuu will make donations to the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC), who will use the funds to provide school supplies and school access to underprivileged children in Cameroon. So how


Meet the team: Jennifer

It’s time to get personal! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at busuu HQ?! We’re about to reveal all! From 06 December we’ll be interviewing one busuu team member every 2 weeks and getting them to reveal all about their language learning experiences. We’re kicking off the fun with our Head


Learn2help – Build skills, provide education!

This December, the busuu-berries you earn while learning a language with busuu will help children in Cameroon by providing them with school supplies. The more busuu-berries the busuu community collect, the more busuu will help, so everybody wins. The School in Cameroon busuu will donate all supplies to the Cameroon Association for the Protection and


Count down to Christmas with busuu!

Are you getting ready for lots of Christmas fun? At busuu, we’ve created two special learning  activities to look forward to each day: our Language Advent Calendar and a Christmas Learning Unit! Language Advent Calendar Do you have a traditional calendar with chocolates? For each day of the busuu Language Advent Calendar, we will add


World of Work: Teddy Nee

Knowing a second language can help you move on in your current job, find new career opportunities or further your studies. In our ‘World of Work’ series, we speak to people who use foreign languages every day. Let’s meet Teddy Nee from Indonesia Hi Teddy! Thanks for talking to busuu. Could you tell us a


Are women better language learners?

And the results are in! At busuu we are always looking to find out what conditions lead to optimum language learning. This time, we looked at gender to see if the rumours are true – are women really better language learners? The results were certainly interesting! Commitment to learning A key difficulty for language learners