Best Carnival Celebrations Around the World!


Carnival is celebrated around the world in many different ways, but all of them are renowned for the exciting music, the vibrant colours and the thousands of people that they attract.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best and most famous Carnival celebrations on the planet. How would you most like to celebrate?

How would you prefer to celebrate?


Rio de Janeiro- Brazil:

One of the largest parties around the world and the most popular Carnival celebration is in Rio, attracting more than 1,500,000 tourists each year. More than 2 million people join in with the street parties on each day of Carnival, celebrating with music and dancing.

More than 200 samba schools participate in the carnival and some of them spend up to $3 million on outfits and preparations!

Venice- Italy:

Venice opts for a more traditional style of carnival, but nevertheless, the celebrations are still considered some of the most glamorous in the world.

Carnavale in Italy was traditionally a period where roles were reversed, including men and women, nobility and commoners.

People attend extremely exclusive parties, wearing wonderful and sophisticated costumes – some spend over $500 per night.

Montevideo- Uruguay:

Whilst some enjoy huge extravagant parties, no one celebrates Carnival longer than in Uruguay. In many countries Carnival may last from a few days up to a few weeks, but not in Uruguay, where the celebrations can last over 40 days, spanning from the end of January through mid March!


Cologne’s carnival is one of the most popular celebrations in Germany, and one of the largest street festivals in Europe.

Cologne attracts more than one million spectators on the street for Rosenmontag (Rose Monday).

Women also have their own carnival day on 11 November: early in the morning, the streets are filled with women in fancy dress, whether they’re on their way to the office, their place of work or to the shops. From 10.00 a.m. they all head towards the Alter Markt and at 11.11a.m, the Street Carnival is officially opened by the three principal Carnival figures: the Prince, the Peasant and the Virgin.


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