Happy birthday, busuu!

November 10, 2023

busuu is 9

This year marks busuu’s ninth birthday! Can you believe it? We want to say a huge thank you to our team and our language learners for making our adventure better every day.

It also got us thinking – have you ever wondered how much gets achieved on busuu? We compiled a list of stats from the number of learners to how many corrections have been completed. It’ll blow your mind…


Language Learners

First of all – hello to all our 28 million web and 42 million mobile language learners to date! To put that into context, the number of people learning a language with busuu equals the population of France! You guys are awesome. We wouldn’t be busuu without our community.

The trendsetter of all our Premium features has to be ‘Offline Mode’. And we get it – learning on the go is fun. Who wouldn’t want their commute to be filled with thinking about Spanish paella, German beer, and French cheeses instead? Yum.

You can now practise saying “Happy Birthday” with our latest Premium feature ‘Conversations’. This exciting addition means you can improve your spoken conversational skills with native speakers from all over the world. 1,130,986 learners have used ‘Conversations’ to improve their language learning since it launched in March!


Corrections & Learning

You guys have done us proud. You’ve made more than 83 million corrections – that’s A LOT of exchanges within the busuu community. We hope you don’t have writer’s cramp!

Not only that, you superstars learn 1.6 million words and complete 75,000 units per day on average. That a lot of learning in 9 years.

Remember, whether it’s a big success like getting to the end of a level, or a little win like being able to order a drink on holiday, make sure you pat yourself on the back and treat yourself!

So, thanks everyone for the last nine years. We’re constantly working on our mission to empower everyone in the world to learn a new language in a way that is easy and accessible to all.

We’ll see you next year for the big 1-0!

busuu’s ninth birthday

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