Busuu crowned ‘best language learning app’ by the German Association for Consumer Studies

November 10, 2023

The prestigious German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) recently (August – November 2018) conducted an in-depth study into language learning apps, which busuu was part of.

We are thrilled that busuu was rated the best app overall out of the seven language learning apps that were part of the study.

The overall ranking:

# Provider Rating
1 busuu 85% Good
2 Babbel 84% Good
3 Duolingo 79% Good
4 Rosetta Stone 76% Satisfactory
5 50languages 74% Satisfactory
6 Yabla 71% Satisfactory
7 phase6 70% Satisfactory

The study assessed language learning apps based on the following criteria:

    • Offer and pricing: the number of languages on offer and the cost.
    • Fun: how motivating and fun the app is to learn with. In this category, busuu was ‘best in class’.
    • Convenience: how easy and user-friendly the app is. Once again, busuu was ‘best in class’ in this category!
    • Transparency: how clear the app’s terms and conditions are, and how easy it is to contact the app provider. busuu was the 2nd best provider in this category.
  • Comprehensiveness: how well-structured the courses are. busuu was the 3rd best provider in this category.

We are very proud of this accolade. It’s recognition of the hard work that our expert teams put into making busuu a world-leading language learning app.

More importantly, it encourages us to continue this work and create an even better app for our users. Onwards and upwards!

For more information about the study, read the detailed results here (in German): https://www.dtgv.de/tests/sprachlernportale-2018/

This latest accolade follows two other prestigious awards that Busuu received earlier this year – a Comenius Award, from the GPI, and an EdWards, from the UCL Institute of Education.

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