Busuu launches AI-powered language learning

November 10, 2023

Our latest update introduces artificial intelligence (AI) to our web and mobile apps, helping you learn languages faster and more effectively.

If you’ve struggled to remember vocabulary in another language before, we have something for you…

We’ve enhanced our Vocabulary Trainer with a unique machine learning algorithm that adapts in real time to your learning behaviour.

It intelligently calculates each learner’s unique vocabulary strengths and weaknesses, and produces an entirely personalised set of study materials in each session.

It also uses a decay metric and intelligent spaced repetition, ensuring that you review the right words and the right time for long-term memorisation.

And the best bit:

The more you use the Vocabulary Trainer, the more tailored to your individual learning it becomes.

Commenting on the update, Bernhard Niesner, CEO and Co-Founder, Busuu, said: “When it comes to mastering another language, forgetting vocabulary is one of the biggest obstacles learners across the globe face. That’s why we decided to supercharge our Vocabulary Trainer with AI – to provide a smarter way for learners to progress in their target language. We’ve compared our algorithms to those used by other language learning apps, and we’re confident that we’ve built one of the most powerful AI-enhanced review features in the industry.”

“We foresee a future where one-size fits all language training solutions are consigned to the dustbin of history. Busuu adapts in real time to learners as their skills develop, making the learning experience completely tailored for each individual,” added Kirsten Campbell-Howes, Head of Education, Busuu. “We’ve taken firm strides towards implementing AI-powered technologies across our product, and have an exciting roadmap planned for the coming eighteen months.”

Vocabulary Trainer is a feature available in all 12 of our language courses: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese.

You can find our AI-powered Vocabulary Trainer under the ‘Review’ tab when you’re signed in on Busuu.com or our Android or iOS app.

Ready to give AI-powered learning a go? Sign up to Busuu for free today.

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