busuu now has 50 million users worldwide!

November 10, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve just passed the 50 million users mark! There are now as many people learning languages online with busuu around the world, as there are people in Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic combined.

Only six years old

It’s a pretty amazing achievement given that busuu was only set up six years ago and it is now the largest online language learning platform across the globe. Up to 40,000 users join busuu every single day!

A fun way to learn

busuu has gone from strength to strength in those six years and is helping millions of people pursue their passion of learning a new language.

Our users have lots of different reasons for learning with us. Some want to learn a new language for work purposes, others want to understand a different culture or improve their career prospects, many use busuu so that they can communicate more easily when they’re on holiday – and more and more people are learning for fun.

We’ve made busuu as interactive and enjoyable as possible, which is one reason it’s so popular!

Learning and teaching

The unique thing about busuu is that you not only get to learn a new language but you also get to help other learners too. Native speakers of the 12 languages you can learn on busuu, are encouraged to help their fellow students by marking their tests and making suggestions.

It’s a great way to get involved in other people’s learning and when someone gives you feedback, it’s really helpful! There’s no better way of learning.

Keeping up to date with us

Millions of our users keep up to date with us via our social media channels, why not join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and always know first about all our new features and great updates?

Our milestone, Your party

We have reached an amazing milestone but this is only possible because of all of you! We thank you for this amazing feat and as a gift we will be running a special 50% discount campaign on all our premium memberships (except GSET products).

Celebrate with us!

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