busuu.com Co-Founder selected as Entrepreneur of the Year!


We are very proud to announce that Bernhard, one of the Co-Founders of busuu.com, has been selected as “WU Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year 2008”!

This award is organized by the University of Economics & Business of Vienna, Austria, the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences, with about 20,000 students.

Bernhard did his undergraduate degree in Business at this university and could therefore present his company busuu.com in this competition.

Other participants included highly innovative companies such as Medscreen (advertisement solution for medical waiting rooms), Knallgrau (web 2.0 communication agency) and Qidenus (technology for digitization of books).

Given the innovative nature of the other ventures we are very proud that we finally received this award and want to thank everybody for their votes!


  1. A well deserved award, I found this wonderful site for a friend of mine who wanted to learn english, this is the best gift ever given to her, she never had the opportunity to go and learn English so this is just perfect for her, I have told all my friends,I WISH this existed at my time, I am seeing progress every single day, I started with the Italian, thank you so much.
    Languages units countries together building bridges reaching the faraway, working towards ONENESS.


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