How you can use goals and incentives to keep you learning more throughout 2015

November 10, 2023

Some ideas about how you can use busuuGO’s goals, rewards and incentives to keep you motivated to learn more throughout 2015.

During busuuGO we’ll be looking at the different things that motivate you, our learners.

We want to help you love language learning, get motivation with the help of our wonderful community, set yourself targets and make the most of busuu features.

Here are some ideas about how you can use goals and incentives to keep you learning more throughout 2015, even when motivation is running low


It is always good try to set a date or time limit to finish a task. You can make it as challenging as you like: you could just set the target of finishing one lesson in a week, or try and complete a whole course level!

This technique helps you to focus the mind, making you more productive with the time you’ve given yourself.


At busuu we know how important it is to set your learning goals. You should make a plan of what you want to achieve and how much you want to study each day

 If you set your own goals you can also set your own rewards!

Why not give yourself real rewards for your language learning?

These can be for completing a level, or maybe for learning 50 new words and phrases

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Continue your language learning today! 

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