busuu turns 10 and you’re in for a treat

November 10, 2023

Can you believe busuu is already turning 10? Over the past decade we’ve grown into the largest social network for language learning with more than 80 million users around the world. So let’s celebrate together with something special…

Join in the birthday fun with the right vocab

busuu wouldn’t be the same without you, so we’ve created a special Celebrations lesson to say thank you for ten years of language learning, helping others and  breaking down language barriers!

We want you to take part in the fun too! So in this lesson you’ll learn new words and expressions as you follow the busuu team whilst they get ready for the party and find out what happens once they’re there…

Turn your language knowledge into your party trick

Social settings are great if you really want to make use of your language skills. Just knowing some short sentences and expressions can help you start a conversation with native speakers and feel comfortable mixing with a group. Our lesson contains useful words and phrases so you can do just this.

What’s in the course?

1. Getting ready
Learn how to talk about different dress codes and find out who else is invited to the party, so you get there well prepared and confident!

2.  Arriving at the party
We all know that learning short words and phrases can help us relax in unfamiliar settings. Learn what to say when you clink glasses with native speakers and how to buy a round of drinks for new friends.

3. Enjoying yourself
Having a blast? Hitting the dance floor? Start a conversation about someone else’s dance moves or talk about the best party you’ve ever been to.

The lesson is available in the English, Spanish, French and German courses, for a limited time only. Follow the link to start the party!

Thanks from all of us at busuu for being part of such a wonderful language learning community. Now let’s all go and celebrate! Cheers!

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