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We have exciting news for you: you can now learn Chinese for free on! It’s the most spoken language in the world and the mother tongue of one quarter of the global population (that is 1.34 billion people – incredible).

Learn Chinese for free on

Chinese is also the Lingua Franca of Asia. You can never go wrong with Chinese in Asia! So start learning Chinese now and practise with native speakers from our community! You will discover one of the oldest cultures in the world with over 5000 years of customs and traditions.

Chinese is known for being a tonal language. In fact, there are 4 tones (plus a ‘neutral’ tone). This may be challenging for Chinese beginners, however, as the language has no plural and no tenses, the grammar part will be a piece of cake for you. To give you an easy introduction, our learning content is availabe in both the Latin alphabet and the Chinese script. This way you will be able to easily understand the pronunciation that is so important when learning Chinese.

Learn Chinese for free on

And if you’re a native Chinese speaker, you can of course use in your own language! Just go to your settings page to change the interface language to Chinese.

Start learning Chinese for free!

Begin your Chinese course in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to ‘Add a new language‘ in your course menu.
  2. Add ‘Chinese‘ to the languages you learn.
  3. Click on the new Chinese tree in your garden to start learning.

Premium MembersPremium Member can listen to key phrases and dialogues, do voice recording exercises and access podcasts and many more tools for learning this tonal language more effectively. Upgrade now to make the most out of our Chinese course or have a look at our full list of Premium Functions here!

Do you already learn Chinese? Share your learning tips and tell us how you like our Chinese course! We’re looking forward to your feedback and hope you’ll enjoy learning Chinese with!


  1. Я давно хотел приступить к изучению китайского языка. Сейчас у меня появилась такая возможность. Спасибо за предложение. Лучшего варианта я пока не нашёл.

  2. I am already learning Chineses on busuu, but I need to know whether the busuu course is Mandarine or Cantonese . I don’t know where to find it and I don’t know where to ask this question. Can somebody please email me to the email address above?

    • Hi Rene De Schouwer,

      Nice to know you already starting learning Chinese with us 🙂

      I can tell you that it is Chinese Mandarin. Hope you are finding the lessons good fun and easy to understand. Let’s see some progress!

      Ciao for now,
      busuu team

      • I’m learning Chinese in a course for a couple of months now, and I’m starting to realize that busuu and my 老师 are using different kinds of Phrases and words. Toilet for example: 厕所 & 洗手间 -> both meaning “toilet”. Is this normal in Chinese?


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