What’s new in the Italian course?

November 7, 2023

Tried out the new Italian course recently? We’re constantly improving it to enrich your learning and make sure you get the most out of it. Here are some of the recent improvements we have made to the course:

Find the correct level for you with the new Placement Test

We’ve just launched a brand new Placement Test that can put you at the exact place for your level on our course. The test uses some smart algorithms to adapt to your abilities – the more you know, the more challenging it gets. Both new and existing students can take the test. If you’ve already signed up and started studying, you can access it from the Settings section in your Profile.

McGraw Hill certificate tests

Want to show off what you know in Italian? Then try our end-of-level tests, which are certified by our partner, McGraw Hill, one of the world’s largest educational publishers. They are available at the end of each level and will test your abilities in two sections – one on comprehension and one on productive language skills. Print out your certificate to share with employers, or post the results on LinkedIn to demonstrate your skills.

Some features of the new tests include:

  • two sections – one on comprehension and one on productive language skills;
  • a focus on the most important vocabulary and grammar topics from the level;
  • results are graded from A+ to C-.

So, why not have a go? 


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