Do you need more reasons to learn a foreign language?

Learning a language makes your travel experiences so much better

Learning a foreign language is always a good idea! It can benefit you in many different ways, whether these are personal, professional or even health benefits.


There are plenty of studies out there that show how learning a new language can benefit you in diverse ways.

Bilingualism carries benefits associated with the aging process of the brain: previous studies have indicated that people who speak a second language might be less likely to experience cognitive decline in later life.

The effect that language learning has on dementia is much more significant and more reliable than anything achievable with the latest drugs.

Multi-linguals tend to score higher on standardized tests, especially in maths, reading and vocabulary.


Be more open-minded!

When you learn a foreign language it is not unusual to gain an alternative point of view: it can open your mind to new attitudes and experiences, as well as help you to understand different cultures and where other people and their beliefs stem from.

You will see the world from a different perspective, expand your knowledge of different peoples and customs, and understand many facts and historic moments.

Meet new people and enrich your travel experience

Speaking a different language can help you meet people from different places and cultures and make your travelling experience more authentic and unique. Just the feeling that you are free and able to talk to local people will change your experience altogether!

Impress people

Impress your date at a fancy restaurant by ordering dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon with a cool authentic French accent!

Speaking foreign languages is an impressive skill to have, and many people respect others who can speak a second language fluently.


Nowadays there are so many qualified people with degrees, work experience and other qualifications… But how are we supposed to stand out from the crowd with all this competition? A foreign language will help you for sure!

If you work in the education sector, speaking a foreign language can open many doors. Some choices include: language teacher, translator, publisher of educational books… and many more!

Languages are also valued in the world of business: today we live and work in an open world with thousands of international connections. Learning a new language will help you to establish these relationships across nations!

In essence, having a second language under your belt is a surefire way to develop your professional career and discover new opportunities.

Continue your language learning today!

Elisa was a French Language Expert at busuu. She is from South-West France where she studied English Literature and Linguistics. She then trained to teach French as a foreign language in the USA. When she's not teaching, she loves playing the drums and piano, cooking and is mad about cheese!


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