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Our mobile apps for learning languages can be used even when you don’t have an internet connection and they are packed with useful, fun features.

  • More than 3,000 words and phrases across 150 topics
  • Beginner (A1) to upper intermediate (B2) learning materials
  • Dialogues and interactive tests to check your progress

The free versions of our apps for iOS and Android include 20 complete learning units.



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  1. Emerson Almeida

    Hello, Busuu!

    I would like to know if you have plans launching a Windows Phone version of these apps.
    It will be nice!

    Thank you!

    • Thomas

      Hi Emerson, Thanks for your message.
      We are currently not planning a Windows Phone Version but keep checking back as this might change in the future.
      Sunny greetings,
      The team

  2. loftconversion

    I have tested your mobile language apps. It is truly great and useful to all ages.
    Thanks busuu.

  3. Rodrigo Normando

    Hello! I’d like to know when are you launching a version of your apps for the Windows Phone system, and why it seems that every great and useful app for studying have not been launched for WP up til now…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Fabia Alves

      Hi Rodrigo,

      At the moment our apps are only available for iOS and Android. We don’t have a date of when it will be available for Windows Phone.
      Continue to check our blog to see what we are up to.

      Ciao for now,

  4. Serban

    Please launch it on Windows Phone. Premium doesn’t feel like premium if you had a windows phone T-T

    • Fabia Alves

      Hi Serban,

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

      Ciao for now,

  5. Marcel

    Please offer a Windows Phone App! Then I will buy a Premium Account for sure! 😉

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Marcel,

      At the moment our app is only available for Android and iOS but we appreciate your suggestion.

      Ciao for now,

  6. rah

    A windows version is a must.. I dont understand why you still dont have a wp version, there are millions of wp users out there… the website is very good, but a wp version wpuld be even better to practice on the go…

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello rah,

      Thank you for your suggestion.

      Ciao for now,

  7. Frank

    Dear busuu,
    I have just discovered your great service and community, and I am very curious about it.
    Please consider launching an app for Windows Phone.

    • Fabia Alves

      Thank you so much for your suggestion Frank.

      We are glad you enjoy learning with us!

      Ciao for now,

  8. Coen Scott

    Hi busuu, I was a premium member and got a lot of great use from your android mobile app. I’ve recently changed to windows phone. I would like to buy premium membership again but am, holding, off until a windows phone app is released. I was wondering, what is the currant progress?

    • Fabia Alves

      Hi Coen Scott,

      Thanks a lot for your question. For the moment we will only have the app available for iOS and Android.
      We will your suggestion into account.


  9. Mustafa


    I would like to know if you have plans launching a Windows Phone version of these apps.
    It will be very nice!

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Mustafa,

      At the moment our app it’s only available for Android and iOS devices. We will however take your suggestion into account and will discuss it internally.

      Thank you,

  10. Rafael Gomes Xavier

    Boa Tarde!

    No momento sou usuário de windows phone e queria usar o Busuu, com a conta premium para aprender inglês e japonês.

    Vocês vão lançar o app? Se sim, tem previsão de quando?

    • Fabia Alves

      Olá Rafael,

      Obrigada pela sua questão. De momento nossa app só está disponível para iOS e Android. Lamentamos mas não sabemos quando estará disponível para windows phone.


  11. Epi

    I am sad, I love busuu but I have to search a alternative because I want to learn in my mobile and I use WINDOWS PHONE. I don’t understand why there isn’t a app to this OS if it is a very good OS.

    • Laura Santos

      Hello Epi,

      At the moment our app it’s only available for Android and iOS devices.
      You can still learn languages on our web :
      However, we will take your suggestion into account and will discuss it internally.
      Thank you

  12. kavita shripal

    its very good app these knowledgement for providing all of pepole

  13. Ajeet

    Thanks. ….to launch this app

  14. souha

    Hello busuu
    Your app is very usefull
    Than you busuu

  15. Brad

    I am a free user, having just signed up for your service online. I downloaded the iOS app, but it seems stuck at asking me if I want to learn another language. Is the app only available to premium users? Our is this a bug?

    • Anna - busuu

      Hi Brad,
      the app is free and you can use it as free user, if you already have an account, just logging and start your language learning with busuu!


  16. Bartek

    still waiting for Windows mobile version. Any progress..?

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      Bartek, Hi. Unfortunately, we’re not planning to develop Windows mobile version in the near future.