European Day of Languages 2013


Since 2001, the European Day of Languages has been held every year on 26 September. It aims to encourage Europe’s 800 million inhabitants, whatever their age, to learn more languages to help intercultural understanding and preserve our heritage.


Who’s it for?

The European Day of Languages is for everyone! From students and teachers to you and your next-door neighbour, the aim is to have a fun experience and learn a bit more about new languages and cultures.


Where can I take part?

If you want to get involved, look out for activities such as language classes and conferences. If you can’t make it to one of these, there are also television and radio programmes, and online activities.

Search for an event near you on the European Day of Languages website.


I have an idea for an event!

Why not arrange your own activity, such as a film evening with movies in different languages or a special dinner with different dishes from a range of countries.


Can I do something smaller?

Why not invite your friends or neighbours from different cultures for tea and a quiz based on fun language facts? You could also simply decorate your home, classroom or local community meeting place with posters.


What will you do?

Let us know in the comments if you’ll take part in an event or even organise your own! Even if you can’t get to an activity, don’t forget to log on to busuu on 26 September to continue your own language learning and talk to native speakers!


  1. Hi
    I am the director of aes and I am teching french since 15 yrs and I want to work in foreogn countary .if u could help me in doing this I will be gratefull to you.

    • Hi there,
      busuu is a great way for you to learn a language and get in touch with native speakers to learn more about their country and culture.
      If you have not signed up yet, do it now for free on and start learning today!
      Sunny greetings,
      The busuu team

  2. Hello,
    I am interested in involving the event of European Day, however not quite sure about what I can do on that day (26 Sept 2013)

  3. Is good to celebrate, Although I like and I am learn Germany and have some knowledge of Italian, that is nice, I would love to stay in Europe

  4. IN FACT I’m a former teacher of English . But , the truth is that even while Learning English at university ,i was told or advised by teachers that to be really fluent one should involve or immerse an English speaking country. unfortunatly i have not the mean to do so. Reason why i want size this opportunity to reach this aim . clearly speaking i want to be very fuent while speaking give more informations about . FAITHFULLY YOUR’S.

  5. Hello,
    Although, I subscribed recently at website… but I like it so much because I found a new thoughts to show their programs
    I am happy for the “European Day of Languages 2013 ” idea because it helps to learn more language for more people.
    I intend to share with you in this day even I didn`t it`s enough to me to know this day .
    Thanks ,,

  6. Could you please add Danish in the languages.

    I used Bussu to learn German and it was fantastic. I wonder why Danish is not included!!!

    It will be great if you could do that.

    • Hi Dalia,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      We currently do not feature Danish but we are always working to improve our product so keep your eyes peeled as we might add it in the future.
      Sunny greetings,
      The busuu team

  7. We’ll definetely have a celebation at our language-learning school together with all our students. I think posting ideas and celebrations pictures are a good idea to promote the tradition.

  8. It’s really wonderful to know people outside the border and I think there is no better way than to learn languages to come closer of the people of a particular country. This site is really easy, helpful and nice…

  9. Me gustaria celebrar el dia internacional de los idiomas aqui en Dublin, irlanda. Soy irlandesa y nunca
    he vivido en Espana pero me encanta el Castellano y mi gran reto de la vida es de aprobar todos los examenes para alcanzar un nivel alto y pues ensenar espanol a los ninos. Quiero que lo haga de un modo divertido. Que paseis bomba el 26 de septiembre! Eva


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