#germanforrefugees - busuu offers free German & English courses for Syrian refugees

November 10, 2023

We at busuu are proud to announce today that we have opened up our Premium Membership for free to Syrian refugees.

Europe is currently hit by one of the worst refugee crises in its history. Because of the terrible situation in Syria, hundreds of thousands of refugees are trying to escape the horrors and difficulties of war by setting off on a dangerous journey towards the safety of Europe.

Most of them see Germany or potentially Austria as their final destination. Germany alone is expecting to receive up to 500,000 refugees per year. The rapid integration of these refugees into German society and its labor market is essential.

In order to contribute our part to mitigating this terrible crisis, busuu has made the decision to open up our German & English courses for Arabic-speaking users. The steps to unlock our Premium courses are very simple:

  1. Download our Android app from Google Play
  2. Sign up for free
  3. In the app, click on ‘settings’ and then ‘voucher’ codes
  4. Use the voucher code “Germanforrefugees” or “ألماني” to unlock full access to our English and German courses (the code only works if you use the App with an Arabic interface)
Screenshot_course Screenshot_vocab Screenshot_writing


busuu is the perfect tool to help refugees improve their language skills. Users can access our renowned language courses and will also receive help from German native speakers with their writing exercises. At the same time, we encourage German speakers to try out our Arabic course on our website. Syrian refugees will also act as tutors for their own native language.

We hope that many friendships between Syrian refugees and German native speakers will be forged through busuu’s social approach to language learning!

You can find out more information about this initiative and check out our other partners at www.germanforrefugees.com. Thanks for spreading the word!



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