Goodbye to one of the best years for busuu!


What have we done to improve your experience with busuu?

We have been working to create a better user experience for you and to make your language learning easier and more enjoyable.

Here are some of examples

  • We launched a brand new learning platform with:
  1. New content – our language experts have created new English and Spanish vocabulary and grammar units. The new Grammar units are designed to develop your skills in an intuitive and natural way, while keeping you motivated.
  2. Digestible learning units and activities – It is easier to complete shorter lessons while keeping you more motivated
  3. Objective based content – each lesson will help you achieve a specific objective.
  • We are delighted to be partnering with Pearson English to bring you a new online language test, GSET (Global Scale of English Test)

This is a brand new test that will revolutionise the way your level of English is measured! busuu is currently the only place where you can take this test and get your certificate, so you will be one of the first people in the world to benefit from it!

  • New mobile apps

Our apps have been radically re-designed to improve the user experience, while still providing free access to engaging content and courses. The new release features more interactive exercises, an attractive fresh design and improved navigation to make your language learning experience easier and even more fun!

All of these improvements have been recognised several times throughout the year:

EdTech Innovator Award 2014

busuu has reached the short-list for the EdTech Innovator Award 2014, an award set up by Edmix to reward the world’s hottest education tech start-ups and highlight innovation in the education sector.

Best App 2014

At the end of every year Apple releases a list of its best Apps.

And this year our busuu app is featured on the list of the Best of 2014 in Switzerland.

We are included in the “MUST HAVE APPS”

Our Android app has been selected by Google among the 127 best Android apps in the world, These “Must have apps” will be featured in the Google play store.

Busuu is joining Tech City UK’s Future Fifty Programme

We’re delighted to be joining Tech City UK‘s Future Fifty programme, alongside companies such as Onefinestay,, Skyscanner and many others. As a fast-growth UK-based business, we’re looking forward to being a part of this exciting network of peers, as well as getting support from the Future Fifty’s private sector partners.


But our best award is our global community of language learners!

In 2014, busuu reached the milestone of 50 million users worldwide!

It’s a pretty amazing achievement given that busuu was only set up six years ago and it is now the largest online language-learning platform on the planet!

Up to 40,000 users join busuu every single day!

We want to thank all of our users for their continued support.

Busuu would not be what it is today without its global community of language learners!

Thank you!