busuu on the Google Assistant available now in French – coming soon in German

Our English-speaking users can already use the Google Assistant and busuu to learn Spanish. We are now ready for German and French speakers! Check out our brand new English course for the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant is a conversation between you and Google. You can now prompt the Google Assistant in French (“Parler à busuu ”) or German (“Sprich mit busuu”) and learn English as if you were having a real conversation with a language teacher. You can already prompt in English (“Ok Google, talk to busuu”) to learn Spanish.

Language learning with busuu is a perfect match with the Google Assistant, helping you to use your time at home in the most effective way. You can improve your language skills while preparing a meal, ironing your clothes or doing other chores.

It’s another great excuse to spend 10 minutes of your day learning a language…. Let’s go!

Learn more about how to get the Google Assistant for your home at https://assistant.google.com/

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