Grammar Review on web has landed!

December 18, 2023

Getting to grips with grammar is essential for solid language skills. That’s why we’re excited to announce our brand new feature – say hello to Grammar Review.

New to web, Busuu’s Grammar Review is vital for taking your language learning skills to the next level. Using built-in AI, it stores the grammar you’ve learned in lessons in one space for personalised grammar practice. See at a glance what you’ve mastered and what needs more work. Plus, this Premium-only tool offers bonus exercises, explanations and tips for each grammar topic so you feel confident for real-world conversations. 

Find all the grammar practice you need, set to your current level, in Grammar Review.

Practice personalised to you

We get it. Grammar isn’t the most exciting part of learning a language, but Grammar Review does some of the hard work for you. Forget highlighting text or sticking tabs into textbooks. This handy tool puts all of the grammar you’ve already covered in lessons in one convenient area, categorising them so you can concentrate on mastering topics instead of trying to remember what to focus on.

Know where you’re at (and where you need to go)

It’s easy to see which topics you do and don’t need to focus on thanks to a progress chart neatly categorised into ‘Needs practice’, ‘Improving’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Mastered’. This chart automatically updates, powered by AI, based on when you last practised, what you’ve learned and how you scored. Practice makes perfect.

Study grammar in-depth any time

Struggling with possessive pronouns? No problem. Despairing over demonstrative adjectives? We’ve got you. Finding masculine and feminine words confusing? It’s all good. Our grammar topic pages, with your progress at the top, provide a built-in reference tool whenever you want to study so you can reinforce your existing knowledge or prep for what’s coming next. Gain a deeper level of understanding with additional tips and mini-explanations. 

Reference the future tense and more grammar topics any time

Learn your way

You can use Grammar Review in a variety of ways that best suit your learning style. Test your grammar knowledge by selecting the ‘Practise now’ button to begin a review session on all the topics you’ve covered so far. Explore each topic listed at the bottom of Grammar Review or select ‘Go to lesson’ to revisit a particular subject in more context.

Which language courses have Grammar Review?

You’ll find the confidence-boosting Grammar Review tool in the following complete language courses:

We’re working hard to include these in the other languages we offer, so watch this space for future updates!

See how Grammar Review can boost your understanding of a new language, improving your skills so you feel confident to join the conversation. 

Need more proof? Here’s what other language learners already using this powerful personalised revision tool think.

★★★★★ – Krystle

Great language learning program for grammar nerds

I’ve tried a few language-learning apps and websites, and Busuu is my favourite so far. What I love most is that it explains all the grammar rules without overcomplicating things…

★★★★★ – Sabrina

Better than Babbel or DuoLingo

I like that the learning experience is individualized. I can feel how I’m improving with just consistently learning 5 minutes a day… and the grammar is implemented, so that you learn it as you go.

★★★★★ – Ricardo

Review after one month

I’ve been using Busuu for nearly one month to learn Dutch and French… I love how concise and clear the grammar explanations are. It goes straight to the point.

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Try Grammar Review for free

Not already a Busuu Premium learner? Start a free trial today to elevate your skills and see how daily practice in lessons and Grammar Review can help you achieve your language learning goals. Got Premium status? Log into your account on to try our new and improved Grammar Review on the web. All feedback helps us continuously improve, so please share your thoughts by emailing

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