Celebrating Diversity: How to Say "Happy Pride Month" in 10 Different Languages

November 10, 2023

It’s June, which means people around the world are celebrating Pride Month! 

But how do you say “Happy Pride” in Spanish, French, or Japanese?  In this article, we’ll explore how to say “Happy Pride Month” in 10 different languages, so you can spread joy and solidarity whether you’re in Sweden or Japan.

Whether you’re organizing a pride event, sending greetings to international friends, or simply expanding your linguistic knowledge, this guide will help you express your support in style. 

What is Pride Month?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about Pride Month. Pride Month is a time for celebration and support of the LGBTQ+ community. But Pride’s beginnings were more than just colorful flags and fun parades.

On June 28, 1969, ‌New York City police raided a local gay club, the Stonewall Inn. This led to several days of protests – the LGBTQ+ community wanted to be able to live their lives openly, without the fear of being arrested.

One year later, the first Pride events were held as a commemoration of those protests, and NYC has held a parade at the end of June every year since. The festivities quickly spread within America and around the world, and today, over 100 countries are host to a diverse array of pride celebrations (107 countries, as of 2022, according to Outright International).

Pride Month is a global celebration of love, acceptance, and equality for the LGBTQ+ community, and a continued protest for the rights of those who are still marginalized. By acknowledging and appreciating our differences, we can foster a sense of unity and create an inclusive environment for all. 

How to wish someone Happy Pride Month

Now that we’ve covered a little history, let’s get to it. Here’s how to say a heartfelt “Happy Pride Month” in 10 different languages.

1. Happy Pride in Spanish

Say: ¡Feliz Mes del Orgullo!

Want to celebrate Pride with the Spanish-speaking community? In Spanish, you can say “¡Feliz Mes del Orgullo!” to convey your well-wishes during Pride Month. Translated literally, this means the same thing – “Happy Month of Pride.” You might also hear ¡Feliz Día del orgullo Gay!, as many Spanish-speaking countries recognize June 28 as the Día Internacional del Orgullo – International Day of Pride.   

2. Happy Pride in French

Say: Joyeux Mois de la Fierté !

To extend your wishes in French, you can say “Joyeux Mois de la Fierté !” As with Spanish, this phrase translates directly to “Happy Pride Month!” This is true of many of the pride phrases we’ll learn here, since Pride Month started in the United States just over 50 years ago and moved to other countries from there, so many people simply translated the idea directly into their own language.  

3. Happy Pride in German

Say: Frohen Pride-Monat

If you’re looking to share happiness and inclusivity in German, look no further! You can express your pride or support by saying “Frohen Pride-Monat” – Happy Pride Month (using the English “Pride.” Berlin has a well-known Pride Parade – but you might be surprised to hear them refer to it as Christopher Street Day, after the street the Stonewall Inn is on in New York where the original protests took place.  

4. Happy Pride in Italian

Say: Buon Mese dell’Orgoglio

If you find yourself at one of the many Pride Parades that happen during the month of June across Italy, you can say a cheery “Buon Mese dell’Orgoglio.”  

5. Happy Pride in Portuguese

Say: Feliz Mês do Orgulho

You probably want to learn to show support or jump into the party in Portuguese with “Feliz Mês do Orgulho.” After all, the São Paulo LGBTQ+ Pride Parade, which has been running annually in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1997, is the current Guinness World Records holder for biggest pride parade in the world, having had as many as 5 million attendees from 2017 to 2019!    

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6. Happy Pride in Dutch

Say: Vrolijke Pride Maand

To wish someone a happy Pride Month in Dutch, you can say “Vrolijke Pride Maand.” And if you want to celebrate diversity and inclusion in The Netherlands, you’re in luck, because as well as celebrating Pride Month in June with most of Europe, Amsterdam has its own vibrant LGBTQ+ celebration called Amsterdam Pride at the beginning of August each year!  

7. Happy Pride in Swedish

Say: Glad Pride Månad

In Swedish, you can say “Glad Pride Månad” during pride month, but like Amsterdam, the festivities don’t stop there. While June is officially celebrated as Pride Month, Stockholm is home to the biggest pride event in Scandinavia, Stockholm Pride, which takes place over about a week between the end of July and the beginning of August. The Nordic countries celebrate the Midsummer in late June, so it makes sense to space out these big parties and parades.  

8. Happy Pride in Japanese

Say: ハッピー・レインボープライド (Happi Rainbo– Puraido / Happy Rainbow Pride)

To celebrate Pride in Japanese, say “ハッピー・レインボープライ” (Happi Rainbo– Puraido) – literally “Happy Rainbow Pride” using katakana. We say this because in Japan, Pride is celebrated for a few days in April (not for a whole month). It can be called “Pride” or “Rainbow Pride,” which is the name of the official events in Tokyo. While Japan has fewer rights for LGTBQ+ people than the other G7 countries, the community there is strong and your support will be appreciated!  

9. Happy Pride in Mandarin Chinese

Say: 骄傲月快乐 (Jiāo’ào yuè kuàilè)

In Mandarin Chinese, you can say “骄傲月快乐” (Jiāo’ào yuè kuàilè) to express your happiness and support during Pride Month within Chinese-speaking communities.  

10. Happy Pride in Korean

Say: 자긍심 달 (Jageungsim Dal) or 해피 프라이드 (Haepi Peulaideu)

And last but not least, to refer to Pride Month in Korean, you can say “자긍심 달” (Jageungsim Dal) or say 해피 프라이드 (Haepi Peulaideu) – literally “Happy Pride.” This phrase encompasses the concept of pride and celebration during the designated month. However, Korea’s biggest pride event is the Seoul Queer Culture Festival which takes place at the end of May or beginning of June. This is usually when the biggest pride parade takes place.  

Now you know how to say “Happy Pride Month”

Pride Month promotes love, acceptance, and equality, and expressing your support in different languages can help create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.  By learning how to say “Happy Pride” in 10 different languages, you can share the joyous spirit of this celebration with people around the world.

Remember, promoting diversity and inclusion is a continuous effort that helps us build a more compassionate and understanding society. 

Happy Pride Month!

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