Learn a language for lots of benefits!


With busuu Go, we want to make you feel motivated and excited about language learning! In this post, we would like to remind you of all the benefits of learning a language.


More than one skill for life

Learning a new language is a skill that you’ll never lose (as long as you keep practising). But have you thought about all the other skills speaking a foreign language can offer?

  • Understand other cultures – communicate with people from other countries to build stronger relationships.
  • Solve problems more easily – whether on holiday or a work trip, use your new language to manage all sorts of situations.
  • Boost your brain power – studies show that speaking another language can improve your mental performance.

New year, new job – or career

Languages are essential in today’s globalised, multicultural marketplace. Speaking a second language can help you work more effectively with colleagues or offer better customer service.

What’s more, your new-found language skill could help you progress in your job with a promotion, or even support you in a completely new career that you’ve always dreamed of!

More confidence and new friends

Whatever your reasons for learning a language, you will certainly gain confidence as you travel through your language-learning journey and achieve your personal goals.

You’ll also make lots of new friends along the way, whether they are people from your immediate neighbourhood or native speakers in the busuu community who live on a different continent!

Stay motivated with the busuu Go discount

We want everyone to learn a language and enjoy these amazing benefits. Our fun language-learning tools – such as busuutalk and writing exercises – will help you achieve them.

Our Premium package offers you even more, including unlimited access to features like recording exercises, grammar units and all mobile app content (for iOS and Android).

And as part of the busuu Go month of motivation, you can enjoy a massive 20% discount on Premium Membership until 31 January 2014. Time is running out – upgrade to Premium now!

Has busuu Go got you going?

Tell us how busuu Go is helping you get 2014 off to a flying start! Have you tried any of our tips so far? Do you have some ideas of your own to share? Let us know in the comments. Happy learning!

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    • Hi Adel,

      Go online and start learning more with us. Remember that the more you learn the more busuu berries you will get.

      Happy learning with us!

      Ciao for now!

  1. What is the total cost of your one year English speaking course & what will be the discounted amount? Would you please send these informations as soon as possible so that I would be registered in your online course? Thanks

  2. Accetterei questa Vostra offerta, ma gradirei maggiori dettagli per quanto riguarda le Vostre tariffe. In altre parole: il 20% di quanto ? Grazie.

  3. I registered; I purchased upgraded appon iTunes , but I can’t figure out what the subscription price for premium is nor what the 20% saves. “???????”????

    • Hi Rob,

      The 20% off is applied only for online Premium Membership. If you have bought the app in iTunes the discount was not applied.

      Remember that if you become Premium online you will have the full access to all the apps. Check it out here!
      Ciao for now!

    • Hi Yoko,

      You can practise with our Busuu talk. You can chat with one of our English native speaker user whenever you want.

      Start chatting now!

      Ciao for now!!

  4. I have purchased it and paid for some courses of this in my mobile but is it possible to transfer it to my iPad with canceling my access to mobile of this course

    • Hi Benedict,
      Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.
      Please send an email to our customer care team to team@busuu.com and they will help you sort this out.
      Have a great day!
      The busuu team

  5. Hi, I do love to refresh My Italian, I am not able to complete the tests in spite of correct answers. Try sometime 30 minutes, answering the same questions correctly, but, the test never ends as complete . I do not understand why.
    My English is fluent, but it is not my native languge.
    With kind regards,


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