Learn essential key phrases to help you plan your holidays!


Did you know that your Premium Membership gives you free access to the Travel course?

With the Travel course you’ll practise your listening and vocabulary with exercises in 12 languages for all levels!

You can learn essential key phrases to help you plan your holidays, ask directions, order food in a restaurant, go shopping and much more!

With the summer holiday season coming up, there’s no better time to get onboard!

Obviously you don’t need to be fluent in a language to go on holiday, but learning some keywords and expressions can help things to run more smoothly.

It lets you talk with the locals, explore different places, learn more about the culture and cuisine and generally just immerse yourself more in the way of life.

Break down barriers – learn a new language with busuu

Senior Spanish Language Expert Elena is from Salamanca, Spain but currently lives in London. She studied English Literature and Linguistics in her home town, then later studied to become a Spanish teacher at the Instituto Cervantes. She loves bread and baking, and is mad about cats and anything shiny!


  1. L’option “vacances” a été très enrichissante. Je pars au Portugal le 1er septembre. Je résilie donc mon abonnement à la date du 31 août.
    Merci de m’accuser réception.

    • hello, unfortunately, this feauture is not available at the moment. We’re working to fix it. Also we constantly add new features on busuu – hope, you’ll like them.

  2. When I receive the certificate, me I use this as a proof of Basic knowledge Level A1 to get a visa to enter in Germany?


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