Improve your Spanish with El País content on Busuu

November 10, 2023

Busuu has teamed up with the leading Spanish newspaper, El País, to help you learn Spanish with real-world content. 

As you move beyond the basics in Spanish, there’ll come a time when you want to start stretching the limits of your vocabulary by tackling more advanced material. 

And a great place to start is content from news publications – the type of content that native or advanced Spanish speakers would consume on a daily basis. 

At Busuu, we’ve always been serious about teaching you Spanish you’ll use out in the real world – which is why we’ve teamed up with El País, to bring you exclusive lessons created with content from the leading Spanish newspaper. 

Our brand-new lessons are built either from a video or news article from El País, and can be accessed as part of the Spanish course on Busuu. 

As the first language-learning app to bring you content from a leading Spanish news publication, there’s no better way to take your Spanish learning to new heights.

Want to see how far you can take your Spanish?

What you can expect from an El País lesson 

All of the El País content on Busuu has been carefully handpicked by our team of Spanish language experts, with the aim of giving you exposure to a wide variety of topics. 

From interviews with an Oscar-winning film crew to the journey of a female truck driver in Mexico, you’ll be immersed in some of the most engaging Spanish language materials out there.

And best of all: you won’t just be watching videos or reading articles. We’ve added all of the usual Busuu magic to make sure you’re learning plenty of new things with each lesson.  

If the idea of diving into a Spanish news article or documentary for the first time sounds daunting – don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Each El País lesson kicks off with plenty of context about the article or video; we’ll explain what you’ll see and anything important to look out for. On top of that, you’re also presented with a handy list of the key vocabulary you’ll encounter.
  • You’ll then either watch the video or read the article, at your own pace.
  • After each video or article, you’ll be presented with our interactive exercises, which are carefully designed to test your comprehension and reinforce key expressions. Don’t worry if you miss something the first time around, you can revisit the article or video as you work your way through each exercise. 

Whatever your motivations for learning Spanish may be, start learning authentic, topical language with our El País lessons today. 

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