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All our courses are created in house by busuu’s fabulous Education Team. To get the most out of our team’s expert knowledge, you can check our YouTube channel for videos in English , German, Spanish and French.

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How to pronounce difficult German words

No more pronunciation woes! Our German language expert, Anna, talks about all those special characters  (ä, ö and ü; z, ẞ, c) and how they sound in different words.


Useful expressions in Spanish for travelling

Are you planning a trip to Spain or Latin America? Well, you’re in luck because our Spanish language expert, Elena, is here to help you with some handy phrases and expressions to get you on your way.


Are you making these common mistakes in English? 

Do you know the difference between “a” and “the”? Or when to use “there”, “their”, and “they’re”? If you find these rules a little tricky then check out this video for more tips from our English language expert, Harriet.


Difficult words to pronounce in French

Our French language expert, Eloy, can help talk you through some of the most difficult words in French and how to pronounce them. Merci!

Want more from our rockstar Education Team? Of course you do! Head to our YouTube channel to get more language learning tips.

Kirsten is the Head of Education at busuu. She is from the Scottish highlands where she grew up. She studied philosophy at university in Edinburgh and then got a TEFL certificate and went to China to teach English. She has been learning languages online and creating digital learning courses around the world for 17 years and is about to start studying for an MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at Oxford University. Outside of work she is a yoga enthusiast and a keen gardener. She also loves spending time with her two border terriers!


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