Learn with the 'Best language learning platform' - World Future Awards winner

June 27, 2024

Busuu has been crowned ‘Best language learning platform’ at the World Future Awards 2023!

These awards celebrate outstanding products and services that have the potential to benefit and positively impact society in the future “that are making the world better, smarter or even simply a bit more fun,” according to the organisation.

Busuu has been recognised for its combination of powerful tools, using smart technology to personalise learning. Busuu was also recognised for learners’ ability to connect with and access to native speakers all over the world, helping each other learn relevant, authentic language.

The research team at the World Future Awards selects from “large companies and startups that offer game-changing products, services and innovations according to the most rigorous evaluation criteria.”

Last year’s winners in other categories include innovators such as Coco, a robotic delivery service and Mirror high-tech at-home fitness assistant. And this year includes Diagnostic Robotics, a powerful diagnostic system using AI and predictive analytics models to offer affordable healthcare.

You may have already noticed plenty of exciting changes to Busuu, but if you’re new to learning with us, here are six ways we’ll help you succeed with languages:

  1. Easier navigation through our courses thanks to shorter, more manageable chapters (created by our very talented experts), so you can see real progress as you move through the lessons.
  1. Regular checkpoint tests help you consolidate your knowledge, providing more opportunities to revise and build the confidence you need to use your skills in the real world.
  1. See and hear how language is used in real-life situations by learning from native speakers in our brand-new video flashcards. Gain useful skills that enable you to make connections and feel understood.
  1. More motivating features that celebrate your achievements and help you create lasting learning habits. If you thrive on friendly competition, get rewarded with points each time you complete lessons to move up the leaderboards. More learning = more points!
  1. Get support from our online Community – the beating heart of Busuu. It’s the place where native speakers share tips, feedback and cultural insights to help each other succeed in language learning.
  1. Busuu is now completely free, for everyone, making language learning even more accessible! Choose from 14 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, English and French.

CEO and co-founder Bernhard Niesner said:

“I am thrilled that Busuu has won the ‘Best language learning platform’ category at the World Future Awards 2023!”

Massive congratulations to the rockstar team at Busuu, who work incredibly hard every single day, to empower people through languages.” 💙

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