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This December, the busuu-berries you earn while learning a language with busuu will help children in Cameroon by providing them with school supplies. The more busuu-berries the busuu community collect, the more busuu will help, so everybody wins.


The School in Cameroon

busuu will donate all supplies to the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC), an organisation we have been proud to work with for several years. Through their school in central Cameroon, CAPEC help provide an education for children who come from low-income families in the local area. Many of the parents are illiterate and these pupils are often the first generation in their families to be getting an education.

The more you learn, the more we give

So how does it work? We will total up all the busuu-berries earned by the community between the 1st and the 20th of December 2013 and the more you learn, the more we help:


20 million busuu-berries will help busuu provide the school with stationery like pens and books.
30 million busuu-berries will provide textbooks and exercise books.
40 million busuu-berries will allow busuu to donate furniture to the school.
50 million busuu-berries will allow busuu to donate enough money to build a classroom for the school.

To put this into perspective, the busuu community usually earns around 1.8 million busuu-berries every single day, and every extra berry you earn will help provide more extra supplies for the school.

So get onto busuu and get learning this December! We believe that everyone in the world deserves an education, and we want to help CAPEC as much as possible in their mission to educate the children of Cameroon.

Visit our special page now to find out more and also see the progress of the campaign!

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