Learning a language makes your travel experiences so much better

November 10, 2023

Even a little knowledge of a foreign language can help you make a good impression when you meet people from other countries.

You will never truly experience the local culture if you limit yourself to interacting on a touristic level alone. A deeper level of communication will help you fully immerse yourself in the culture.

In other words, speaking another language helps to break down barriers.

Learning a foreign language can enrich your travel experience

Of course, nowadays you can travel anywhere and everywhere without speaking any other languages, but the experience can be completely different!

Learning a foreign language can help you become a more confident traveller, but also it will give you the opportunity to meet local people, explore different places off the beaten track, and learn more about the culture and cuisine of the place you are visiting…

Particularly if you are travelling alone, speaking a foreign language can make your trip so much easier, and more enjoyable too: for social reasons when meeting new people and discovering cool new places; or for personal safety reasons, like when asking for help in case of emergencies (obviously, we hope the former would be more relevant, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!).

There are plenty of good reasons to learn a foreign language and busuu.com can help you to enjoy the process of learning a new language using our app and website!

Continue your language learning today!

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