Meet Caleb the nine-year-old polyglot in the making

November 10, 2023

Ahead of our 11th birthday, we sat down with one of our top community members in the UK to find out more about his language learning journey.

In the summer of 2018 Caleb, a nine-year-old Busuu user in the UK, started to learn Spanish.

Although he was initially learning French, his parents encouraged him to pick up Spanish as they were moving to a Spanish-speaking country.

Like a lot of language learners, Caleb finds grammar the hardest part of learning Spanish – especially when it comes to remembering different tenses and conjugations. But all-in-all it’s proving to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for him.  

“I enjoy learning new words and phrases as it means I will be able to communicate more with the people around me.”

Aspiring polyglot

Caleb’s language learning ambitions don’t end with Spanish.

He wants to pick French up again, and also learn Chinese, Japanese, German and Italian.

“I am planning to use Busuu to help me learn those languages as it is going very well and helping me to learn Spanish quickly.”

Top community contributor

Caleb is one of our top learners in the UK in terms of his contributions to the Busuu community.

Since joining Busuu last summer, he’s submitted hundreds of corrections to help people improve their English language skills.

“I enjoy correcting other people’s exercises as it allows me to test my own English skills and I have also developed some friendships as a result.”

Keep up the great work, Caleb!

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