New feature: Study Plan - achieve your language-learning goals

November 10, 2023

Setting a goal and sticking to it is an important first step when learning a language. Doing so also makes your overall learning experience more effective.

That’s why we’ve created a new feature for Busuu Premium users: the Study Plan.

What is Busuu’s Study Plan?

Our Study Plan is a feature designed to help you achieve your language learning goals.

It allows you to set a goal and how often you’d like to study. Then, it tells you the date you should reach your goal by.

And here’s the best bit:

To help you stay on track, you’ll receive study reminders and updates on your progress.

How can Busuu’s Study Plan make my language learning more effective?

Have you ever felt like you’re not going anywhere with your language learning? Or perhaps you feel like you’re going from week to week without knowing how much progress you’re making?

Well, you’re not alone. And scheduling your learning is a simple way to change this.

Want to know why?

As obvious as it might sound, setting a goal helps you focus on something specific. It makes your mind more aware of what you want to achieve. This can be a huge motivational factor on its own.

And then by giving yourself a timeframe to achieve your goal, you’re able to break down/organise your learning into smaller steps. You’re also able to commit to regular, consistent learning when you have a schedule planned out in advance.

The best thing about Busuu’s Study Plan is that it’s super easy to set up.

Sounds great! How do I create a Study Plan on Busuu?

Here’s what you need to do to set up a Study Plan on Busuu:

  1. Set your goal – you’ll receive a prompt to do so after completing a unit in your chosen language course (if you decide to skip this, you can set up a Study Plan later on in your Dashboard)
  1. Choose which days and how long you would like to learn
  1. Set reminders
  1. Receive your estimated completion date
  1. Work towards your goal in manageable steps

That’s it!

You’re now in the very safe hands of our Study Plan.

As cliche as it sounds, we’re firm believers of “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Language learning is most rewarding when you succeed and achieve your goals. So, make the most of your learning by setting yourself up with a Study Plan today.

Achieve your goals with a Busuu Study Plan today

Study Plan is currently only available to Busuu Premium users.

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