Three Cheers for Little Wins

November 7, 2023

For the whole of January and February, we are helping you celebrate when you achieve your goals. The best bit? They don’t have to be big goals. In fact, we insist that you celebrate the little wins!

The act of making a resolution is a good step – people who do are 10 times more likely to change their behaviour! Even though 45% of people drop their resolutions within the first six months, experts say if you practice every day you have a really good shot at success! And isn’t that what we’re always saying?! It only takes 10 minutes a day to improve your language skills.

So, this 2017 let’s make those language learning dreams a reality.

What is a little win?

A little win to one person may not be the same to the next. No, we’re not getting all Yoda on you. We just want to make the point that the only comparisons you need to make in your language learning journey are against what you knew yesterday. From ordering Frühstück in German, to reading Don Quixote in the original Spanish – each little win you achieve should be celebrated. Having a short conversation, ordering a coffee, saying “please” and “thank you”, these are all small stepping stones towards fluency.

Stop and smell the roses

Celebrating little wins is a great way of enjoying the journey. If we’re always glossing over our achievements and moving on to the next goal, we will automatically forget our successes. Even the most experienced scholar can learn something new. So it’s important to acknowledge the small successes.


If you think back to where you started, you will realise that each day you are improving. It will also put you in the “success state of mind”, a magical place where you are training your brain to feel successful. You are celebrating a step in the right direction; the move towards changing your habits.

As always, we can turn to science: when we achieve something, and acknowledge it, dopamine is released into our brain. It feels good, and we want more! So, be mindful of your little wins – and more little wins will follow, young Jedi. Maybe we are turning into Yoda after all?

Keep your eyes out

Throughout the next couple of months our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website will be packed with content to support you and help you celebrate those little wins. Share yours with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging #LittleWins and #busuu. And remember – the busuu community is always here for you!

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