Speaking practice: Improve your speech with immersive lessons!

July 17, 2024

Get instant pronunciation feedback for lasting confidence.

Busuu speaking practice release

It’s here! The feature you’ve been asking for – a new way to master your pronunciation without feeling nervous or embarrassed. 

Now launched on iOS devices, speaking practice combines two powerful language learning essentials – real native speakers and AI technology – helping you prepare for real-life conversations. 

You can learn the authentic sounds of a language, repeat phrases and build confidence with instant, judgement-free feedback. It’s time to turn your fear of getting things wrong into your motivation to get things right.

So, how does speaking practice work?

Instant, personalised feedback

You’ll be impressed at how quickly you improve your pronunciation with instant feedback tailored to your speech patterns. These tips are given in real time to help you immediately identify what you’ve done well and what needs more work.

Judgement-free practice

You’ll feel comfortable learning from your mistakes because you can practise when it’s convenient for you. Repeat the phrases free of judgement, compare them with the original recording and build confidence with precise, actionable feedback.

Learning from real people

You’ll learn pronunciation directly from native speakers in immersive full-screen videos, picking up the tone, accent, and mouth movements needed to speak like a local.

Build on what you know

Speaking practice strengthens your pronunciation and vocabulary because you’ve learned the meaning and context of words in previous lessons. By saying these words aloud, you’re boosting your speaking skills and improving your recall.

Hear the difference

Listening to the recording of the native speaker and your version side by side will help you recognise subtle differences. Speaking practice allows you to hear your progress and improve with each try.

Want to know what our early-access learners thought?

“[Speaking practice] boosted my confidence because if I can mimic the way a native speaker pronounces then I [can show off] in front of my native Spanish friends…”Mario, Germany (learning Spanish)

“Pronunciation was always a limited skill because of fear, lack of feedback… so [I feel] that the new feature helps [me] speak more naturally.” – Paloma, Chile (learning English)

Where can I find speaking practice lessons?

Get instant, detailed feedback in our Complete English, Spanish, French and German courses at all levels. Just look for the ‘SPEAKING PRACTICE’ label in your learning timeline.

Busuu speaking practice on learning timeline

Want to speak a new language confidently?

Experience speaking practice for yourself and get ready for the real world when you learn languages with Busuu. Don’t have an iOS device? Look out for future launches of speaking practice on Android and the web.

Learn with Busuu, and download the app today!

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