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We’re at the end of busuu Go, our month of motivation. So here’s a handy summary of all the tips from our busuu Go blog posts – follow these to see your language skills improve in 2014!

Love your learning

  • Be positive: believe in yourself, take control of your learning and aim high!
  • Set yourself goals, such as how much you want to learn and for how long you want to study each week.
  • Track your progress to easily see if you’re on track or whether you need to work harder to meet your targets!
  • Read the full post ‘Love learning with busuu Go’.

Make the most of feedback

  • Notice the differences between how you use a language and how native speakers use it. You’ll learn faster!
  • Feedback is a great way to notice these differences. It helps update our own understanding of a language.
  • Pay attention to what other users say about your exercises to really see improvements in your new skills.
  • Read the full post ‘Make the most of your feedback’.

Enjoy a well-deserved reward!

  • At busuu, we give busuu-berries and gifts for your garden to reward you for all your language learning.
  • For the best chance of success, set realistic goals. You’ll be more motivated if you know they are manageable.
  • Premium members get a busuu certificate for all their hard work when they achieve a completed level.
  • If you set your own goals, you can also set your own rewards!
  • Read the full post ‘You deserve a reward’.

Experience lots of benefits

  • Understand other cultures, solve problems more easily and boost your brain power!
  • Speaking a second language can help you work more effectively with colleagues or classmates.
  • It can help you progress with a job promotion, or even support you in a completely new career.
  • Grow in confidence as you travel through your language-learning journey and achieve your personal goals.
  • You’ll also make lots of new friends from around the world along the way!
  • Read the full post ‘Learn a language for lots of benefits’.

Last chance for 20% off Premium

Stay motivated for the rest of the year! Why not make the most of our helpful tips and achieve your language-learning goals in 2014 by upgrading to Premium Membership?

As part of busuu Go, we’re offering a huge 20% discount until 31 January – upgrade now before it expires!

Has busuu Go got you going?

Have you already started using some of our motivational tips? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget: you can also follow busuu on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more motivation!


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