The new busuu is here!

At busuu we care for you and we are constantly working hard to help you achieve the very best language-learning results.

We are proud to present to you our new learning platform, consisting of:

– brand new content
– brand new, intuitive design
– improved social interactions (invite your friends!)

busuu video

Watch our quick, helpful video to find out more about the new busuu, and don’t worry, all your previous progress and friends have been saved for you.

Check out our intro video: The new busuu is here!

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  1. Maria

    I am having problems accessing the new Busuu site. I have tried using two different versions of Apple Safari (one older and the other the latest version) on a laptop, but each time it just comes up with a blank page and seems to be struggling to load.

    The old site worked alright, but this new one doesn’t seem to want to load.

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Maria,

      We are sorry you are experiencing some difficulties in accessing the busuu website. Would you be able to try and log with busuu using a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox? If you’re still not able to access busuu with these browsers please send an email to

      Thank you,

  2. Sam

    Hi this is Sam I have a question where is the busuutalk menu where it shows anyone who is online?

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Sam,

      From today you are already able to see your friends status on busuutalk you can see that on the leaderboard or by going to the tab friends.
      We hope this information helps.

      Ciao for now,

  3. E.F.

    There are two big problems that need to be fixed quickly.
    1 – The voice recorder is not working very well, some times it does not record, some times it does not allow to record. It is impossible to make the exercises. It works once in ten times.
    2 – The option “keep me logged in” is not working. I need to log in every time.

    There is a big problem on iPad version that needs to be fixed urgently too. The exercises does not follow the language defined on web site as primary language. This problem comes out in latest version.

    Best regards,


    • Fabia Alves

      Hi E.F,

      We have fixed the voice recorder. In regards to the ‘keep me logged in’ if you are still experiencing difficulties with this please send an email to

      Thank you,

  4. Extricate

    Unfortunately the new busuu still seems to have a few glitches:

    I can’t really invite my friends to correct my exercises anymore. I can only invite other members to correct my exercises, but not my friends.

    I don’t hear my own verbal exercises anymore, once I have published them.

    On other people pages it always says “Exercises (0)” although they have done some exercises.

    Once I have corrected a friend’s exercise, I can’t directly correct a second exercise of the same friend, as the only choice is to correct another members exercise (not of this friend) or continue with my own exercises.

    I can’t download vocabulary and texts as PDF anymore.

    In the prvious design I sometimes got translations of texts by simply putting the mouse over the text. I can’t find this feature any more.

    I hope these glitches will be sorted out soon. Thanks a lot!

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Extricate,

      We have corrected a few errors we had and we implemented the following:
      the busuutalk ‘friend status’, the PDF is now available again on our website and the recording exercises. In regards to your other questions please send an email to our support team at as they will be able to verify this situation for you.

      Thank you,

  5. Mark

    The new website sucks. Is there a way for me to have the old website back ? I really hate the new website and consider deleting my account here and switch to Babbel..

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Mark,

      We appreciate your honest feedback. We are continuously working to improve our product so any suggestions you have please email

      Thank you,

  6. Lampess

    But this new busuu is temporary??
    For me it is not more beautiful, but also some friends that I know don’t like this new busuu,the old version was perfect, I hope will return the one that was!!

    • Fabia Alves

      Hello Lampess,

      We are sorry you don’t like the new busuu. Please send your suggestions to

      Thank you,

  7. Claire

    The excersise of sound recording is not working properly. I have sent an email to but didnt get any response please do something.

    • Mario

      Hi Claire,
      Thank you for your feedback, we are aware of the problem and already looking into it.

      Hope you continue to learn with us in a fun way 🙂

  8. Jacarli

    The old Busuu was much better, including the my home page. This one is riddled with problems which are adequately described below. I have a premium membership but will only consider renewing when the time comes if the website can again equal in performance what the old website did. I have no problem with the content, just the functionality.

    • Mario

      Hi Jacarli,
      Thank you for your opinion. We are doing our best to improve every day so your feedback is really important!

      Hope we can change your opinion in the next few days and weeks 🙂

  9. Ben Huffman

    Please forgive me if my concerns are already being addressed. In many ways, this is a GREAT site for both learner and reviewer. I’m an English teacher and have done about 4,000 reviews so far, and have met many great English learners. Thanks for re-instating the option for a reviewer to leave an audio message on audio exercises. It’s a very short time limit, but at least, it is something. The two main frustrations I have at this point are: 1. pages not loading after you click “Review another exercise”. 2. audios not playing correctly when you are reviewing audio assignments. Thanks for listening. Ben Huffman, Barryton, Michigan

    • Mario

      Thank you, Ben, for your honest opinion, we really appreciate that. We will do our best to address those issues and improve our product!

      We hope you continue to learn with us 🙂

  10. Alex

    i have some problems loading the busuu website. After login in, the site keeps jumping from timeline to dashboard back and forth, but doesn’t load completely. I tried all browsers (firefox, IE, chrome, safari,..) but to no effect. What is happening?

    • Mario

      Hi Alex,
      We are sorry you experienced this issue. Can you confirm everything is ok now?

      We had this issue after our main maintenance in mid November but everything was fixed pretty quickly. If you still have problems, please let us know so that we can investigate further and solve your problem.

      Continue learning with busuu 🙂

      Ciao for now,

  11. Christopher

    1. I can’t receive chat requests and when I’m sending it, everybody seems to be busy.
    2. Doesn’t give me the option to delete my account.

    • Laura

      Hi Christopher,
      You can chat with other users. To be able to do that, use the search feature we have when you click the “requests” button on top of the page and choose the option “Search for busuu users”.

      If you have any other question, please contact us on

      Ciao for now,

  12. Alex R

    I’d like to thank you for this site and for helping me to learn Spanish. Needless to say, I’m not happy with its new design and I had to stop using Busuu because of it.

    However, I have a couple of suggestions to provide a better experience to your subscribers.

    1) If there is a limit to how many personal messages I can send per minute, I’d like to be informed about it. Why don’t you just block/grey out the Send button for a while and (optional) make the page say “You can only send one message per…. minutes. Please wait … to continue”. I know it’s not the best option, but it was a frustrating experience to press the Send button and see that the message was neither sent not saved (drafts perhaps?).
    2) The best thing about the old busuutalk was that it could instantly find online users, while the current “Search” feature is extremely inconvenient. Let’s take a look at the most common search results. Who are these hundreds of people with zero activity? When were they last seen online? Are they going to continue learning or should I keep looking? The problem is that the current design is focused on friend-to-friend interactions yet it’s getting harder to find friends.
    So please do add the “Search online users” filter or bring back the old busuutalk, it will save a lot of time and help enormously in finding people with similar goals.


    • Laura

      Hi Alex,
      Thank you very much for your support and for letting us know about these issues.
      We really appreciate your feedback and we will look into it!
      We will send your comment to our Technical team to provide the best solution.

      Have fun learning with busuu!

      Ciao for now

  13. bahar

    I`ve just signed up busuu using Google chrome but having problems loading this website really annoying..:(

    • - busuu Laura

      Hi, could you please send an email to Our customer services will help you!
      Thanks! 🙂

  14. akhil

    how do i delete my account?

  15. Mireille Plante

    I canot access it. I asked for a new password and I never received a reply from Busuu

    • Gabrielle Cormier

      Hi Mireille,
      Please get in touch with and we will check your account and help you with password re-activation to get you back to speed with your language learning! All the best, busuu team

  16. madhura

    Version 7.4.85 not working

    • Gabrielle Cormier

      Hi Madhura,
      Please get in touch with so we can help you and get you back on track to learning another language. All the best, busuu team

  17. fido

    I cant get any of the sound even though i have chrome!