We are celebrating busuu’s 7th Birthday!


It’s time to celebrate!

7 is such a magic number, we need an equally great way to celebrate it!

There are so many awesome traditions around the world, but which one should we honour for busuu’s 7th birthday?

How about these interesting traditions…

We could all eat noodles for lunch as they do in China, or maybe fly some flags outside our lovely office like they do in Denmark…

In Germany they burn candles – we could do that, or follow Indian tradition by wearing colourful clothes.

We could even pull our ears 7 times (one for every year) like in Italy, Spain and some other countries.

Or we could just go shopping(!) for new clothes, just like Japanese tradition teaches.

See you on busuu! 🙂

Christiane is the Senior Localisation Manager at busuu. She is from Dortmund in Germany, and studied Politics, History and Economics before completing a diploma in translation. She loves reading, running long distance races, football and beer. She also enjoys travelling, so much so, she was going to be a politician in Germany but decided to travel the world instead!


  1. Happy Birthday Busuu. Keep up the progress.
    Happy Birthday Busuu. Keep up the progress.
    Happy Birthday Busuu. Keep up the progress.

  2. Please refund the $20 that was charged on my card in April. I bought a Premium subscription for one month at the end of March and it said it would expire at the end of May. I saw no option to cancel it so I assumed it would expire by itself. Now I see that my card is charged $20. This is an error on Busuu’s account.

    Please cancel the premium subscription and refund $20 to my card.

    I saw no email address to contact Busuu regarding this matter so I am forced to comment here.

    Thank you

  3. Hello,

    I would like to cancel the premium membership I started on June 2nd 2015 and get my money back, according to your “Secure payments with seven-day money-back guarantee and cancelation at anytime” policy but I can’t find a way to do this. Can you please help?

    Thanks in advance, Tiê


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