World Teachers' Day 2022: celebrating educators

November 10, 2023

This year marks the 28th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day, with celebrations taking place across the globe. In 2022, the theme is: “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”.   

Teachers work hard to inspire, guide, educate and mentor us every day. Within the world of languages, they help us navigate tricky grammar points, perfect our pronunciation, and stay motivated. They’re the coaches that spur us on and keep us on track.

What is World Teachers’ Day?

As its name suggests, World Teachers’ Day is an international celebration of teachers. It takes place on 5th October every year.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established the celebration in 1994. They chose 5th October as it marks the anniversary of the signing of important guidance and criteria covering teachers’ rights, conditions and more, back in 1966.

Celebrating our Busuu Live teachers

To celebrate, we decided to highlight four of the hundreds of amazing online language teachers on Busuu Live.

Read on to learn about who they are and fun facts about them.

1. Mayra

  • From: Mexico
  • Role: Spanish teacher
  • Fun fact: loves birdwatching and drawing manga.

2. Frankie

  • From: Ireland
  • Role: English teacher
  • Fun fact: played Jazz music for a living from 1995 – 1999.

3. Amanda

  • From: China
  • Role: Chinese teacher
  • Fun fact: lives in Spain and speaks fluent Spanish.

4. Francesco

  • From: Italy
  • Role: Italian teacher
  • Fun fact: brews his own beer at home and is a beer sommelier.

To all of the language teachers out there, on Busuu Live and beyond: Happy World Teachers’ Day 2022!

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