Monthly Archives: November 2008

Get your Official Certificate!

From now on you will be awarded even more for your efforts on

Users of can already receive gifts for their language garden (for every 5 units you complete, you receive a gift). Now, after having completed 25 learning units, you will receive the official Silver Certificate of Completion.

And, not alone that. If you continue learning on, you will obtain an official Gold Certificate of Completion for successfully completing 50 learning units.

These certificates will be displayed with your other gifts in your language area and can even be printed so that you can show them off to your friends and workmates. So start learning and get the accolade that you deserve!

Don’t be lost for words!

All language learners know how difficult it can be to strike up a conversation with someone in another language. For this reason the team has decided to make life that little bit easier for our users.

From now on, when you start a busuu-talk while doing a learning unit, you will find an item for discussion in the chat browser, which is directly related to the topic of the learning unit.

The busuu-talk questions range from easier questions such as “What is your favorite city and why?” to more sophisticated discussions like “Discuss the political situation in your country”.

Now there will be no more uncomfortable silences and you really get to practice what you have learned in a fun way! on Telemadrid

Yesterday we had an interview with the local Spanish TV channel Telemadrid which was then shown on the news.

They did a very nice report about our website and also interviewed one of our Spanish users while using our site.

Take a look at the video here:

It´s very rewarding to see different international media showing so much interest in our innovative project! Check out our press coverage here.