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Learn to speak Russian for free with!

Привет (that’s ‘hello’ in Russian)!

Spoken by more than 280 million people, Russian is the largest native language in Europe and the 8th most important language in the world. In addition, we received a lot of requests from our users to add this language to the courses we offer.

So, we’re very excited to launch our new Russian language course on!

Learn Russian with free access to more than 150 audiovisual learning units across 4 different levels. In addition, you can  connect with thousands of Russian speakers from our rapidly growing community.

Russian Tree

You want to learn Russian? This is how you start:

To start your free interactive Russian course, simply:

  1. go to your settings page
  2. add Russian as a language you want to learn
  3. click on your new snowy Russian tree in your language garden to begin!

Start learning Russian with our free language course now!

If you are a premium user, you will also have immediate access to all of the new Russian course’s Premium features, such as audio dialogues and key phrases, PDFs, podcasts and much more!

So upgrade your account now to enjoy’s full range of award-winning learning tools for seven different languages!

Test yourself with our Russian alphabet challenge!

Russian alphabet characters are not the same as the Latin alphabet. So, we have adapted our existing course structure and added a new Russian alphabet section.

Listen to the entire Russian alphabet and then test your skills with our fun Russian alphabet challenge!

Привет to all our Russian-speaking members!

We would also like to welcome all our Russian-speaking users to – you can now use our website with a complete Russian interface! Just go to your settings page and change your interface language to ‘Russian’ or have a look at our new Russian frontpage

До свидания (that’s ‘goodbye’) for now – we hope you enjoy trying out our new Russian course. Stay tuned for more important updates within the next few weeks!

Try out our new language learning game!

Imagine you could improve your language skills and challenge your friends at the same time to see who is best at memorising vocabulary?

Believe it or not…it is now possible on! If you want to see for yourself, check out our great new language learning game!

Playing this game is simple and fun: you play against one of your friends and try to match words from two different languages into pairs. The player who gets the most pairs right, wins the game and gets five tasty busuu-berries!

To access the game, you have two options:

  • click on the new ‘Games’ tab within your language area. Then pick among the available players and send him or her an invitation to play by pressing the button.

  • challenge another user directly by going on their profile and clicking on the new button .

Once the other user accepts the challenge, you will enter the game room and the game begins!

When it´s your turn, click on the cards on the left hand side and find the matching words or phrases in two different languages. But hurry because time is running! If you find the right pair, the cards will flip and you will receive a point.

Whoever has the most points when all cards are turned, wins the game and receives five juicy busuu-berries!

Will you be the new language game champion on

We are sure you will love our new language learning game and are looking forward to your feedback!  Stay tuned for more exciting new features on!