busuu.com adds Russian online course!


We are happy to announce the launch of our interactive language course in Russian completely for free. From now you can learn Russian on busuu.com!

You can now get access to more than 150 learning units from A1 to B2 and practice your language skills with Russian native speakers!

In order to start with your free Russian course, go to your settings page and add Russian to the languages you want to learn. Then you can immediately access the course by clicking on your new Russian tree in your language garden!

With this new language course we also offer you a new feature to help you learn: the Russian Alphabet.To learn and practice Russian Alphabet, just click on the new tab alphabet available in your Russian language area.

Memorize the Russian alphabet and test your skills with our two alphabet challenges about letters and words.

Stay tuned, more languages and new features are going to be added soon!


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