Children learning languages

Here at the busuu office we recently celebrated the arrival of another busuu baby; with another member of our team becoming a proud parent! So naturally there has been a lot of discussion about how children learn languages and how we can help them become fluent language speakers.

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Make it fun

Adults tend to think that learning a language is a huge challenge, and while it’s true that it does take a lot of effort, this is something that young people are not aware of. Getting children to learn through fun games and activities from an early age can mean that they grow up with a more positive attitude to other languages and the process of learning.

Keep things moving

Children have much shorter attention spans than adults and it’s important to make sure there is a lot of variety for them. The language games they play should be short enough so that they don’t get bored. Children don’t understand the logic of hard work paying off in the future, so it has to be engaging in the present!

Songs and chants

Children love to sing, and songs can be one of the best ways of helping young people become familiar with the rhythm and tone of a new language. This can have a big impact on both listening skills and on their pronunciation. It also helps children remember ‘chunks’ of language; phrases and sentences that help them to become aware of the structures of language without having to focus on grammar.

Download the busuu kids app

If you want to help your child learn English or Spanish, we have a great app to help. The app, (available for iPad and Android) is made up of 30 fun and engaging learning units, each helping your child learn 5 useful words. And because learning is most fun when it’s interactive, why not use the words from each unit to make a song or a game to play with your child at home.

The most important thing, whatever your age, is to love learning. Here at busuu we aim to make learning fun and engaging for all; whether you’re four or one hundred and four!


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  1. izabel gomes

    Please tell me more about this programe

  2. Andrea

    Do you have a program to help children learn Russian?

  3. Jacob

    My daughter loves the Busuu app for kids. We are native English speakers and she loves learning Spanish with the Busuu app. I would love to see it expanded to support Arabic.

  4. Denis

    ça semble interrssant

  5. Mustafa Mohamed Babikir

    Learning is one of the fact of the life.

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  7. yumma

    Yes, definitrly children have much shorter attention span sthan adults so it’s a great thing that you guys created an app for them.

  8. ahmed ali

    i am student

  9. Gathir

    I wend children lerning languagas

  10. Gathir

    Good languagas

  11. berta torres

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  13. norsitihajar

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  14. Ali Ali Mohamed

    I would like to learn more

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  16. Fabia Alves

    Hello Ali,

    To learn more you just need to register with busuu on and you can start learning a language right away.
    We hope you enjoy learning with us!

    Ciao for now,

  17. Fabia Alves

    Hello norsitihajar,

    You can improve your English skills with busuuu and it’s community of native speakers! You just need to register for free on :)
    Have fun learning with us!

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  18. Fabia Alves

    Thanks Gathir,

    We hope you enjoy learning with us!

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    Hi ahmed,

    Are you already learning with busuu?

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    Hi yumma,

    Thank you for the positive comment! We are really glad you like our kids app :)

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    Hi izabel,

    To start learning with busuu it’s very easy! You can find more information about us on our website :)
    We hope you join the busuu community.

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  22. Fabia Alves

    Hello Andrea,

    Thank you for your question.
    At the moment the busuu kids apps are only available for English and Spanish but we really appreciate your suggestion and will take it into account.

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  23. Fabia Alves

    Hello Jacob,

    We are so happy to hear that your daughter loves learning with busuu!
    Your feedback really motivates us to continue working hard and to keep improving our website :)

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  24. Howard Hirshfield

    The program for children learning language is very helpful for children. I’m working in a research project and your article helped me very much for my project. Thanks for sharing with us!

  25. Fabia Alves

    Hi Howard,

    Thank you so much for your nice comment. We are glad you liked or post and that it helped you in your project.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about children. Regards