Get your Official busuu.com Certificate!

From now on you will be awarded even more for your efforts on busuu.com.

Users of busuu.com can already receive gifts for their language garden (for every 5 units you complete, you receive a gift). Now, after having completed 25 learning units, you will receive the official Silver busuu.com Certificate of Completion.

And, not alone that. If you continue learning on busuu.com, you will obtain an official Gold busuu.com Certificate of Completion for successfully completing 50 learning units.

These certificates will be displayed with your other gifts in your language area and can even be printed so that you can show them off to your friends and workmates. So start learning and get the accolade that you deserve!

5 thoughts on “Get your Official busuu.com Certificate!

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  3. ismail

    hello i wana know some information about certificate language busuu if that certificate acceptabl in consulate thank you i m waiting for feedback

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