Learn Essential Travel Phrases for Summer 2023


If you’re looking forward to a little summer travel, you’ll want to make sure you have a few key travel phrases in the local language in your pocket.  While the list of the best places to travel this summer is long, you’ll find plenty of great destinations on this list paired with travel phrases in […]

Busuu’s got a new HQ – Goodbye Old Street, Hello Finsbury Square!

Over the last few years we have been growing our team size more than 5x, so we urgently needed a new home! Busuu’s old office had served its purpose for the past 5 and a half years, and while it had become our home, it really started to feel like a little nest in the […]

A big thank you from us at busuu and CAPEC

Back in December, we thanked you for helping us to raise money for a school for up to 350 orphans and children from low-income families in Cameroon. Now we’re excited to share with you a photo of one of the new fully-equipped classrooms that we helped to build! For every Premium subscription sold between 15th […]

Your guide to Russian football vocab

All packed and ready for Russia but want to learn some handy football lingo before you get there? Or maybe you’re watching from home but want to get in the Russian football spirit? Whether you’re heading to there or not, learning some useful vocab will really enrich your overall experience. So I’ve spoken to my […]

Research study shows that busuu has helped 92% of participants to learn a language

Conducting academic studies plays an important role in improving the efficiency of learning a language with busuu. We wanted to find out about the behaviour of our learners and the success of their language learning with us. Fernando Rosell-Aguilar, Senior lecturer in Spanish and Open Media Fellow at The Open University, conducted a research study […]

Languages and identity: my story

There are many definitions of the term “multilingualism”. Some linguists say that you’re multilingual if you speak one language and can say and understand words in another. For others, being multilingual is much more complex and depends on how fluent you are in the languages you speak. I personally think it’s a matter of the […]

busuu 10 yaşına giriyor ve güzel sürprizler seni bekliyor

busuu’nun 10. yaşına giriyor olduğuna inanabiliyor musun? Zaman ne çabuk geçiyor! Son on yılda, dünya çapında 80 milyonu aşkın kullanıcısı ile yabancı dil öğrenimindeki en büyük sosyal iletişim ağı haline geldik. Şimdi gelin, hep beraber bu önemli günü özel bir şey ile kutlayalım… Doğum günü partisine doğru kelimeler ile katıl busuu sensiz asla aynı olmazdı. […]

busuu compie 10 anni e abbiamo una sorpresa per te

Riesci a credere che busuu abbia già 10 anni? Nell’ultimo decennio siamo diventati il più grande social network per l’apprendimento delle lingue, con più di 80 milioni di utenti in tutto il mondo. Allora, festeggiamo insieme con qualcosa di speciale… Partecipa alla festa di compleanno con il lessico giusto busuu non sarebbe lo stesso senza […]