Introducing busuu Go – our month of motivation!

The start of a new year is a great time for new beginnings! As we look forward to 2014 we may be excited about learning a new language, or getting back to a language that we used to study, or maybe just taking our language learning to the next level.  So we introduce to you ‘busuu Go’,  a whole month of motivational ideas, tips, activities and discounts that will help you make the most of your time on busuu and keep you motivated and learning throughout 2014.

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What motivates you?

During the month of busuu Go we’ll be looking at the different things which motivate you and helping you benefit from all these different factors. We want to help you love language learning, get motivation from the community, set yourself targets and make the most of the features of busuu.

Keep up to date

During busuu Go, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our twitter feed for regular motivational updates, and watch this space for more blog posts giving you details of how to be the best possible language learner in 2014.

20% discount during busuu Go

And to offer you a little bit of an extra incentive, during the whole of the busuu Go month of motivation, we’re offering a 20% discount on all our premium subscriptions. This will allow you to access all the features of busuu and maximise your language learning in 2014. And with all the new features being launched this year, we’re sure you’re going to love busuu more than ever.

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  1. kinan




  3. Tulip

    I love languages learning and take lots of advantages from your web site.
    I wish Busuu. com make much more progress in 2014.

  4. sahar mustafa

    thank you for help me

  5. sahar mustafa

    thank you

  6. I Ketut Langkir

    Thank you very much for your new programme Busuu …………..
    Succes and good luck in 2014

    I Ketut Langkir
    Bali – Indonesia

  7. manace emmanuel

    i can to lea
    rn english fluenly

  8. Dmitry Trukhanov

    Is there any plans on Windows Phone 8 application in 2014?

  9. mikki-san

    i love busuu!!!

  10. Fabia Alves

    Hi mikki-san, we’re glad you are learning with us and are enjoying it :)

  11. Fabia Alves

    Hi Dmitry Trukhanov, for the time being our apps are only available for iOS and Android. Anyway keep checking our blog to find out the latest news!

  12. Fabia Alves

    Hi AFONSO GOMS, great to hear you enjoy learning English with busuu!

  13. Fabia Alves

    Hi Tulip, thank you very much for the kind words. We wish you improve your language learning with us :) Happy New Year!

  14. Fabia Alves

    Hello Hariom Sangwan, we are sorry to hear about your learning experience with us. If you have any technical difficulties please send an email to our support team at and they will help you.

  15. Falonne

    Je pale French

  16. x Amr x

    Great !!
    i like this website..
    It’s awesome

  17. Arzu

    fabia alves i love very much but i can not correctly.because i write a correct password but does not receive.what i do?you give me advice please please

  18. Fabia Alves

    Hi Arzu, thank you for your message. Please send an email to our support team at and they will help you get a new password so you can access your busuu account.
    Thank you, Fabia.

  19. Fabia Alves

    Hello x Amr x,

    Thank you very much for the positive feedback. We are glad you enjoy learning with us!

    Ciao for now,

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